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They’re off to Washington

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 29, 2008

Well, it’s been a week again…and basically the same stuff has happened. I’ve worked and that’s about it lol. Friday, after work, Alyssa dropped me, Amy and Ashleigh off about 10 miles away from her cabin and we were going to bike there because the road is really hilly so we thought it would be a good ride. About 3 miles in and it started pouring, so luckily alyssa came and picked us up. We didn’t have our cell phones nor would have we had any service but it worked out.

Once we got to the cabin we realized that the mile or so long road to get to the cabin was in really bad shape, like the truck was spinning out a bit so we decided to call Bonnie and Chelsea to tell them that we would pick them up at the end of the road. We made tacos for dinner and just hung out at the cabin. We couldn’t really do much though, seeing as it was raining the whole time, so no fishing or kayaking or paddle boating for us. 

I got some good news from Parsons… my financial aid package rocks. Even though it’s for 2008-2009, my 2009-2010 package should be the same/very similar. My merit scholarship is over double from MCAD’s. YEE! One step closer to NYC, there’s only one thing left to do; go look at it. As long as it seems to be worth transferring to, it looks like it might be a go!

Yesterday I dropped off Dad, Pam, Tom and Matt at the Airport. They are going out to Washington for a week. It was a long ride to Minneapolis haha but we made it there. I definitely miss the city, but I will be back there soon enough. I got a few sweet things on sale at Patena, and that’s about it.

Other than that nothing too terribly exciting has been happening. The girls are back from Washington (Bonnie, Alycia, Chelsea and Maria). The Buckallews are coming home for the 4th and I’ve got to bring down our camper to the lake sometime this week as they are gonna stay down there. Autumn and Robin already have some shows ready for me to work at them with with fall but a super bummer is that they wanted me to work at project out in Las Vegas but I can’t as it’s at the same time as my first classes start. boo. 

Well, that’s about all for now. I’ll update again next time that I’m not too busy! Gotta go change the laundry…


Muskie Fest?

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 22, 2008

Lake superior beauty
This week of work went pretty alright. Nothing too crazy, imagine that. haha. It was pay day on Thursday, which is perhaps what I didn’t mind working that much this week! It was also pay day at the Pub on Friday, I still haven’t gotten my check yet though.

Bonnie, Alycia, Chelsea, and Maria left for Washington mid week and will be back on the 27th I think? We had a fire at our NEW secret beach which is where the picture is from for today’s blog. It’s a pretty sweet new beach.

Friday was my first bike riding day. We rode 24 miles! It was definitely a good ride, it took about 2 and a half hours though. Soon we will improve that, but I thought it was pretty good for our first ride! There was some hills though that really got the legs burning, hopefully we’ll be all ready for the Firehouse.

After our ride we were super hungry so we went to the Deep Water and I seriously ate 4 hot wings first, then my ENTIRE prime rib, sweet potato fries, veggies and creme brule afterwords. It was intense.

Saturday Alyssa and I went to Spooner to drop off Jake at his hockey scrimmage then stopped at Muskie Fest in hayward on the way home. It was actually pretty cool, very busy, lots of booths, typical “days/fest” type of crowd. Buts till cool, I got a delicious indian taco, mini doughnuts and a sweet cutting board for my apt.

When we got back in town we grabbed my full size mattress from Bob’s house and brought it to the storage shed. Haha, it was quite the task trying to fit in the shed, but we got it. After that Ashleigh, Alyssa and I went to the Bistro with my grandma and grandpa for dinner. I had a super tasty grilled chicken sandwich.

That’s about it for now, today I’m just going to relax and get some stuff done before work tomorrow. I’m pretty excited for the 4th coming up I haven’t seen The Buckallews in quite some time. I’m also excited for The Cichons to come up, I don’t think they are for the 4th but they are like the 2nd or 3rd week of July. I haven’t seen them in so long! It’s kinda ridiculous I haven’t since I lived so close to them in the cities, it’s just hard to have time to go over there. Well either way, I look forward to seeing all of my cousins, aunts and uncles.

I’m also going to go drop off the famjam at the airport for Washington next Saturday. It’s going to be kind of weird not having them here for the 4th, but I’m sure they’ll have fun. We’re using the camper for the 4th which is quite exciting, it should be fun! Grandma and grandpa will probably even come down!

I guess that’s all that is happening in my life as of now…I’m just busy working away, living for the weekends.

Don’t forget to check out my twitter every once a while. I update it lots, and have some pictures on there too.

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The work week has begun.

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 16, 2008


Another amazing weekend comes to a close. Friday night me, Bonnie, Jack, Mutty (Chelsea) and Alyssa went to Jack’s cabin. We rode mopeds around the lake for a bit then went in to make some delicious fettucini alfredo from scratch! We went out on the pontoon again for some night star gazing, and it was absolutely perfect. After some vicious games of Uno Attack, Alyssa Bonnie and Mutty left and Jack and I went to bed.

Jack and I woke up to a smoke filled cabin, as we got up around 8:15 to put in the monkey bread for breakfast then went back to sleep and were supposed to get up again at 9:00 to take it out but managed to sleep through the alarm and didn’t get up the second time until 9:50. Basically, the monkey bread was black and smoke filled the air. oh well, at least the cabin didn’t burn down!

Jack and I shopped around duluth all Saturday, he got some summer clothes and I picked up 2 sweet fluorescent highlighter-colored belts at AE for $4 a piece, a sweet plaid shirt at AE for $11 and a tee at Abercrombie that fits well and is super soft, also on sale. Besides clothes i picked up a Father’s Day present at Menards and 2 Nalgene’s at Gander Mountain.We left Duluth around 4:00 I think, and once we got back to Ashland, Jack and I separated and I took a ride out to Dan’s grad party on the reservation. It was pretty fun, we played a few games of sand volleyball on the beach and some good frisbee action. 

After Dan’s I picked up Alyssa from her cousin’s wedding then Mutty from her house and we met Maria and Tristian at the Break Water for some food. After that, Mutty, Alycia, Lauren, Alyssa and I watched National Treasure 2. 

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I got to sleep in a bit, then got up and gave my dad his box wrenches for Father’s Day and went out to eat at the Country Kitchen with Grandpa, Grandma, Pam and my Dad. After that Mutty, me and my Mom went to eat at the Black Cat. After the black cat, Mutty and I met Ashleigh at her house where we ate pancakes and noodles then went and played some amazing games of Bocce Ball and Frisbee. It was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon. That night we just bummed around, went for a bike ride, and Jake and I got a sweet construction cone to put at Ashleigh’s house haha. 

This morning I had to go to work, which was extremely unfortunate, but it went somewhat fast. After work I didn’t have to work at the Pizza Pub! Jordan wanted more hours and I wanted less so now I’m only working 2 nights a week at the Pub, switching every other Tuesday/Monday. So, instead, Amy and I went and picked up her sweet new Specialized bike form Bodin’s then went for a ride. We rode the lake walk from the west end to Walmart, around, and back. It was a good ride. After that I came home and am currently doing laundry, and other stuff that has to get done haha. 

I uploaded some new pictures on my Flickr, the link is over there on the right so click on it!

Oh, there was also a couple of trips out on the Ore Dock. Love that thing.

Surviving Work

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 10, 2008

Ore Dock Rail

Tomorrow is Wednesday, hump day, yuck. Luckily I don’t have to work at the Pizza Pub at night, just Bretting’s during the day. I’m definately not liking working there. It’s just one of those things that will always bug me but I’m not going to do anything about it. Monday I was there until about 8:30 and I could’ve stayed later just because it got busy right around the time I was getting ready to leave. I guess it just really irks me because I work all day, it would be so nice to just have all my weeknights off. Oh well I guess, I can’t complain about the money.

Monday, like I said, I worked all day until about 8:30. Amy and Bonnie came in and ate some hawaiian pizza with me then I was getting the place ready for me to leave and we started to get busy again. It was ridiculous. I just hate that when I know I could be having fun or doing something else productive in my life with that time. But I did managed to sneak out of there around 8:30 and immediately headed to Bonnie’s where we played some sweet Frisbee in the dark and made s’mores around the fire. It was Me, Alyssa, Chelsea (Mutty), Amy, Vanessa and Alycia. I left there around 11:30, dropped Alyssa off at her house, got $20 worth of gas (which by the way, does nothing) and headed home.

Today I got up and went to work from 9:00-10:30 then left to go to my dentist appointment. It was just for a cleaning so it was pretty painless and quick. After that me, grandma and grandpa went out to lunch. They didn’t care where we went so I picked The New China Restaurant. It was super tasty we got

  • Potstickers
  • Chicken Lo Mein
  • Chicken Fried Rice
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

They both liked it, and said it was something different form the “norm”. It’s good to get them outta that norm once in a while, so I’m glad they liked it!

I went back to work from 1:00-4:00 then stopped at my grandma’s for a bit where I helped grandpa change his ink cartridge on the printer and showed him how to check the ink levels. He’s pretty good on his computer, it’s quite amazing. When I left he was typing a letter to his brother that he will eventually print out then mail it to him with pictures that he’s scanned in or taken and also printed out. It’s quite amazing, I’m glad he likes the computer so much. Grandma is also doing pretty good with her technology, she got a new black razr cell phone a few weeks ago, and I am glad to report that she knows how to work it very well already. She even knows how to read text messages that I sometimes send. Boy, what tech-savvy grandparents I have!

After work Allie, Jack and I went down to the Ore Dock and managed to sneak in again. I think the large metal gate is like permanently open now so all you have to do is climb over the chain fence and you’re in! We got some good pictures this time, as I had more time and a tripod. It was fun, Allie got to learn a bit about her digital SLR from me too. The best pictures are up on Flickr. Here’s a direct link, or click on the side bar over there ——> for my entire photo stream 

In other news, Apple released the 3G iPhone. Thank you Apple, thank you. I’m so excited! It is avilable to purchase July 11th. I’m so pumped! There are a whole bunch of new things, but mostly it now has 3G (near broadband speed internet anywhere) and GPS (for directions). It’s also has a bit different form factor, but most importantly. The one I will be getting is only $299. That’s $300 less than what I paid for my current iPhone one year ago. Perfect. I can’t wait!

The only problem with that July 11th release date is that I will be camping, so I won’t be able to be at the Apple Store! Yup, we finally picked a date for camping and details are beginning to come out. So far, Me, Bonnie, Amy, Alycia, Chelsea, Mariah, and Vanessa are for sure going, Alyssa and Jack are pretty sure going and Beth and Ashleigh I haven’t heard from. It’s going to be super fun! We decided upon Herbster again, gotta keep the tradition going!

Don’t forget to check out the Fickr. There are two new things on there, photos from the ore dock and some new pictures in the “Summer 2008” set




A New Blog?

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 8, 2008

Jacks Cabin_0076.JPG

As you can see, this isn’t the usual link! I’m thinking about slowly moving from my iWeb/.mac blog to this wordpress one. I decided that I want to be able to update my blog on my phone, or a computer besides my laptop and I can’t do that with iWeb. So this is just a test…I haven’t really played with the design much yet but it’s very customizable so that’ll change, I just want your opinion on switching. I believe that this will be considerably faster loading as well. 

Onto my life…Yesterday (Saturday) was a glorious day. It was very warm (above 80!), just the perfect day. I got up around noon and left the house at one. I love the weekend for that reason. Alyssa and I walked to Buddy’s to have some burgers then to Hallmark for a graduation card and The Black Cat for a gift certificate. After our walk we went back to Alyssa’s and kinda napped/lounged around, then got up and went for a little adventure to the Oredock to see if the giant metal door was open was! I was so pumped, I climbed under the chain fence then walked down the oredock a bit and got the picture that I’ve been wanting for quite some time. I’m not if it’s exactly right, so I may try to go again but I’m just super excited that I was able to get inside of the Oredock. After that great little find, we met Bonnie, Alycia and Amy at Stacy’s grad party.

Around 6:30 we got ready to go to Jack’s Cabin. Alyssa, Bonnie, Alycia, Amy, Chelsea (Mutty) and I drove out to the Iron River cabin where we met Rissa and Ashleigh. It was a super fun time, we went out on the pontoon as soon as we got there then went up to one of the cabins to mac some Mac n Cheese. If you don’t know about Jack’s cabins…it goes like this. He has 4 cabins all right next to each other on a lake near Iron River. They own a whole bunch of beach and then a peninsula that juts out into the lake where there are horseshoes, sand volleyball and a fire ring. It’s just absolutely perfect, he’s super lucky. 

But anyways, we had a fire and then went back out on the pontoon at like 11:30 P.M. It was absolutely perfect. We just floated in the lake, watched the clear sky filled with stars and listened to Dashboard. We all realized how lucky of kids we really are. Not many people can just do that if they want, a lot of people will probably never even experience anything like that, it was so perfect.

I uploaded some pictures on Flickr from the cabin and one of the Ore dock pictures, so you should definitely check those out. Here’s the link. Other than that, I’m just super happy that it’s the weekend, too bad I have to work tomorrow 😦 

Q. What do you think of this whole blog moving thing?  Is it faster loading?