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Happy (Belated) Birthday Grandpa!

Posted in fall, journal, MCAD, school, Work by moesker007 on October 30, 2008

This week has been pretty uneventful – just the daily grind. Going to school, going to work, doing homework, eating, and sleeping. Wednesday was my grandpa’s 65th birthday! The Buckallews went to Ashland to surprise him, I wanted to come but had too much to do here. :(.

I got a letter this week from my dad as well which was fun. I got a gift card for Applebee’s and a check for some gas. Yay! This is the time of the month where funds run low – stupid bills. 

Today I got up and went to work from 9-12. There were a bunch of tours today for some reason – I guess it’s just that time of the year. After work I went and got my haircut, thus the picture of myself. I’m talking to Alyssa on the phone – not just showing it off haha. After my haircut I had positive intentions to try and get some homework done, but then I sat on the couch and kinda sorta feel asleep for like…3 hours. oops. After that Meg called and we went to The Bulldog for dinner. She had a coupon from her mom that was buy one thing and get another for free. yay. After that I came home and skyped with my grandma and grandpa and everyone that was at their house (Dad, Pam, Matt, Tom, Rhonda, Rachael, and Ryan) I ran to the mall and picked up Sara at 8:30 then came home and now I’m just talking on the phone with Alyssa. 

Sara checked her application status for her credit card and it looks like she was approved so once that comes in the mail we will be ordering our London tickets! YES! So excited for that. I guess that’s about all I have to say. Grandpa Chico is having a rough time – he was down at the Mayo for tests and I guess he’s not doing too well so Grandma rented an apartment down there and is staying there for a while and grandpa is going to get checked into a nursing home so he can get stronger for a transplant. My mom is keeping control of the house in Ashland (and the dogs), and will be going to the Mayo on weekends. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over there next weekend and visit them.

That’s all for now!


Posted in cooking, fall, food, journal, MCAD, school, Work by moesker007 on October 27, 2008

This weekend was pretty fun, Bonnie came and visited. Friday night Bonnie, Alycia and I went over to the U and had free Qdoba then walked around for a bit – took Bonnie to see the grossness that is called Frat Row. haha. After that Bonnie came over to my apartment to watch Saw 4. Ben’s friend from North Dakota was here when we got to the apartment – so were James & Sara and Emily.

Saturday morning, Bonnie Alycia and Bonnie’s mom and Ed (who were coincidently in the cities) had breakfast at The Bad Waitress, then I had to run Alycia back to the U so she could volunteer for something. After dropping Alycia off, Bonnie and I braved the MOA where I suspended by frugal shopping ways to buy a bottle of The Beat – Burberry fragrance and Lacoste scarf. The scarf is going back – I don’t like it enough to justify the non-sale price of it so I got one for 25% off at The United Colors of Benetton.

Once we got done at the mall we came back to my apartment and made Apple Crisp. Here’s a link to the recipe – it’s a good one, and super easy.

After baking I brought Bonnie over to the U because I had to go to work at the Apple Store. When I got done with work, I went over to the U and picked up Bonnie, stopped at Lunds for some groceries then made some more of that Pasta that was in my last blog post. I didn’t have much leftovers last time, but this time I did!

Sunday morning Bonnie had to go back to La Crosse, she left around 10:00. I got up and cleaned a bit then took a trip to the MOA to return that scarf and get the one from Benennton. It was a total mess driving anywhere down that way this weekend as 35W and 62 were closed making it impossible to get anywhere. It took like 45 minutes to get there and anywhere else – blah. After the Mall I realized I had to do type homework but that involved taking photos and it was snowing/raining so I went downtown and walked the skyways and got some photos there – but I don’t like any haha.

That’s all for now…


Posted in cooking, food, journal, MCAD, school, Work by moesker007 on October 24, 2008

This week has actually been pretty alright – not too stressful. My group had a meeting with The Invincible Kids’ (a band we are doing their marketing plan for) manager that actually went pretty well. The first meeting we tried to have with her, she didn’t show up to. She said her “car was having problems”. We thought she was going to be a sketchy client but it turns out she’s pretty alright and seems excited to get her band out there.

I got my economics midterm back this week too, it was my only real midterm. I was kind of nervous about what I was going to get, as I usually pay about 0 attention in that class but I managed to get an A! Woo!

Yesterday I worked in the morning, had a quick meeting with my team for marketing class, then had my usual Thursday off (my favorite day). I was quite excited to use it to get my type homework done before the weekend, but then we discovered something in our cupboards that couldn’t be ignored. bugs.
So, Ben and I took everything out of the cupboards, threw away anything that was open and not in an air-tight container, then took a trip to Target to get containers for everything. That ate up the majority of my day from, we were basically cleaning from 1-6. Once the kitchen was back to clean, I started to make dinner. I made my FAVORITE pasta dish, as of now. Here’s a link to the recipe, I dare you to make it – it’s super super simple.

Alisha and Meg came over and ate too. After dinner Meg and I dropped Alisha off at the airport. She’s going to visit her boyfriend who goes to school in California. Jealous – it’s going to be nice and warm there haha.

Today I got up nice and late – 12:00 – then started cleaning. I cleaned the kitchen, living room, did laundry, vacuumed, did dishes, picked up stuff, etc. It’s nice to have a clean house – but now I’ve got to go to work at 5:00. boo. Bonnie and her friend should be here tonight, though I think she might be staying at Alycia’s dorm tonight. Mariah is also coming down here this weekend, so I think she’s going to swing by and say hi. She has a horsey thing to go to.

Posted in fall, journal, MCAD, school by moesker007 on October 20, 2008

Whoa, it’s been quite a while since my last update – but that’s becuase I’m working on switching lots of stuff with my site. As you might have noticed, I’ve got my own domain name now – You can type that in and you’ll come right here to my blog (I know, how exciting)! Change your bookmarks – this one will be around for a while! I’ve also linked on the right side my Flickr and Twitter accounts so you can see what my current twitter status is as well as my latest uploaded photos. 

Otherwise, 3 weekends ago was Applefest which was super fun! Sarah and I went up for it, and it was such a needed get away form the stresses of the city. The weekend was chock-full of hanging out with friends, buying apple stuff and having fun. Sunday we headed back to Minneapolis, we probably got back around midnight. 
2 weekends ago I had to work at school on Saturday – another experience MCAD day event. Sunday I worked at the Apple Store. It was a pretty work-filled weekend (which was alright since Applefest was the previous weekend)
Last weekend (yesterday) was quite the fun one! Alyssa came here on Thursday, and we went to the play “Bright Lights: Big City” which was really good. It was put on by a local theater company, and had a really small audience which was kind of sad but it was good! Friday I had to work (boo) but when I got done, Amy and Matt (Amy’s friend from superior) were here! We went for ice cream then headed back to the apartment. Saturday we went shopping in the morning, then I had to work. After work I helped Tara and Chris move some stuff to their new apartment then Amy, Matt, Alisha, Meg and I went to Buca di Beppo for dinner. After that we went to Alison’s for a while and met Alyssa and Sarah there. Sunday, Amy and Matt had to go back so we had brunch (with 11 of us!) at my apartment. We had the perfect number of dishes and flatware for us all, it was funny squeezing us all in there. Overall, the weekend was super fun and much-needed. It’s just a good feeling when you hang out with people you haven’t seen in a long time. 
Today Alyssa had to go back to La Crosse, so she left around noon. I’m in typography now, but not in the actual classroom. Instead, we had to go out and take photos of type for our next project – so I made the best use of my time by going to get an oil change, gas, and now free coffee at a new coffee shop in Uptown. I’ll get around to take pictures sometime, I’ve already taken a few. 
Otherwise, I’ve just been busy busy busy. It’s incredible how fast the time goes by when you’re busy. I cannot believe that it’s going on November already, CRAZY. This month has been somewhat of a small shopping-spree for me, I’ve gotten a bunch of new sweaters and a pair of jeans and shoes; I’m definitely set for the cold months now. Next month is going to be frugal month – I’ve got to prepare for London! It’s almost a for sure thing, we’re just waiting on Sara’s credit card so we can order the tickets. So exciting! I’ve also been thinking lots about NYC and I now, more than ever, need to go see the school to make sure it’s something I really want. MCAD has been pretty good lately, but I’m not convinced that I want to live here yet. There’s something about this city that isn’t mysterious enough for me. I feel live I’ve already explored the majority of it, know it’s workings, and know where and who is what. (does that make any sense?) I guess we’ll just have to see what happens! 
I’ve got some pictures from the weekend that I’ll put up on Flickr once I get back to my apt (since I’m currently sitting at Spyhouse drinking a FREE large mocha since it’s their opening day, and don’t have the memory card with me) Start looking for  much more frequent postings!