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Nearing Thanksgiving

Posted in cooking, fall, journal, MCAD, school, Work by moesker007 on November 18, 2008

Let’s see…what’s happened since last week. Friday I worked at the Apple Store, which took up the majority of the day. Ben’s friends also came to visit this weekend, they inhabited the living room from Friday until Sunday. Friday night I don’t think I really did anything, I just came home and attempted to work on homework, made some dinner.

Saturday I had to work at 5:00 – so I spent the morning trying to get my typography homework done. I feel like all I do is attempt to do my type homework – it’s such a timesuck. I would hate to be a BFA who has 3 of those type of studio classes. I have no idea how they have time for it, I guess the majority of them don’t have jobs. Work went pretty well, I had to close so I worked until 10:00. When I got home I again, tried to get some type done, but managed to get distracted by Meg and I deciding to make cut-out cookies. I had a bag of that betty-crocker-cop-out-just-add-ingredients kind of sugar cookie mix that I got from the admissions office, so we used it up. They actually turned out pretty well, and they were quite fun to ice. Check out the Flickr for some more pictures!

I got up on Sunday at like 6:30am to bring Sara to work (she would’ve had to get up at 5:00 and get on the bus otherwise) then came home and went back to bed. Tara woke me up then we went to Michael’s for a secret reason for her boyfriend’s anniversary present. After that I came back to the house then went to Meg’s mom’s house for dinner and to help fix their computer. It was sooo good, she made broccoli, rosemary garlic roasted potatoes, and a pork roast stuffed with dried apricots, cranberries, and almonds. 

We hung around at the house until about 10:00 then headed back to MCAD. We were craving puppy chow so we stopped at Lunds and ended up getting some groceries as well as the puppy chow. Ben called us to pick up Sara from the mall at 11:00, since she obviously didn’t want to take the bus so we went to the mall, and I helped Meg clean out her car a bit. Haha, she has quite the mess of a car, a nice new loaded ford freestyle, so I felt the need to clean it a bit while we were waiting for Sara. Haha, I told Meg that over winter break we are going to organize and clean her life – it’s definitely needed haha. Meg brought Drew with her so we had to go to the U and drop him off then we (finally) made it back to MCAD. I managed to get something good enough to show for typography done then went to bed.

This morning I scurried to get my type finished and printed then went to class. Class was pretty lame, as usual haha. I came home and had a grileld turkey melt for dinner then headed to marketing. It was a pretty good class, I dread the act of going to marketing but the class itself it pretty great. After class I came home and Tara, Nina and I went to Sebastian Joes for Nina’s birthday. It was a few days ago, but it was nice to see Nina – I don’t see her much anymore. I guess that’s all for now… 

Fast Moving November

Posted in cooking, fall, food, journal, London, MCAD, school, Work by moesker007 on November 14, 2008

This week has flew by pretty quick – it feels like it’s only tuesday. Monday I had class like normal, it was nothing too exciting. In typography, we got our final assignment. We have to create a poster advertising a specific typeset. I chose “Kabel”, it’s going to be rough. I’m definitely ready to be done with that class. It’s been a great class to learn stuff, but the workload is crazy. Marketing was normal – nothing exciting to report.

Tuesday we didn’t have class since it was our registration day for next semester. I picked out my classes and it looks like I got into the ones I wanted. My tentative classes for next year are:

  • Creating and Running a Business
  • Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Human Factors and Usability
  • Magazine Publishing
  • Color Forecasting (1 credit online course)

I’m also turning the project that I’m working on currency in Visualization Studio into an independent study. So, I have 16 credits for next semester and classes only on Monday and Wednesday. Beautiful.

Parsons next year is also in the back of my mind, I won’t know for sure if I’m going until my mom and I go look at the school after the new year. I’ve got to get out there soon to see if it’s a place that is worth moving to.

Wednesday I worked in admissions from 10:00-5:00 then had class until 9:00, nothing out of the ordinary – just a long day of work.

Today I worked in the morning until noon then Sara and I ran around and did errands. We went and dropped off our dry cleaning, then went to the mall, then to the other mall, then to target and finally back home. I realize just how much I love my Thursday’s off – it’s basically the best day of the week for me.

Other than that, I’ve just been busy planning out the Europe trip. I got my new camera in the mail a few days ago, it’s quite nice. I also managed to talk to Jordan on skype (the girl we are going to visit and stay with) and she is moving her trip to Barcelona to the weekend before we come so she is free to frolic around with us while we are there. We are going to hang out in London until the weekend – take the train to Paris – then back to London. It’s going to be such a great trip, I can’t wait to just have a week off to relax and have fun. This time around there’s no guidance or rules, so I’m ready for quite the trip!

I guess that’s all for now – I forgot to mention that I made some amazing chcolate chip peanut butter cookies a few days ago that are quite delecious. Try ’em out, here’s a link to the recipie I doubled the peanut butter and they turned out quite well.

Another Full Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on November 10, 2008

Friday I worked at the Apple Store then came home and made some spaghetti for dinner. I haven’t had any in a long time and I was craving it after stopping at the grocery store. I made spaghetti and some garlic bread from baguettes. It turned out quite tasty – just what I was craving. It also lasted me until today – I think I had it once everyday since Friday. 

Saturday I woke up and took a trip to Rochester to visit grandma and grandpa. I first went to the hospital and visited with grandpa a bit (he was sleeping most of the time) then Grandma and I did some shopping went to eat. We went to The World Market and I got some candy and a candle from grandma, then went to the Mall and I got some magazines at Barnes and Nobel then went to TJ Max where I got a cake pan. We also went and checked out grandma’s apartment – it’s pretty cute. It’s just a little one room efficiency with a kitchen and bathroom. It’s only a few miles from the hospital so I guess it works out pretty great.  

Saturday night I got back to the cities around 8:00 and did some dishes then went and lit the new candle I got and sat in bed and did homework until around 1:00. I managed to get the majority of my typography done, which was quite the relief. 

This morning I got up and went to work – I worked from 10:45 – 6:00. The day went pretty quick, it was busy most all day. After work I came back to the school and had a meeting with my group for Vis Studio then I stayed at school and finished my book and printed it for type tomorrow. It was quite a nice feeling to get that done. 

Now I’m just at home, getting ready to go to bed. I’ve got class registration on Tuesday for next semester and I haven’t even looked at the classes yet – I’ve got to do that tomorrow! I’ve also got to start getting stuff together for London – yee! I’m so excited, it’s going to be such a good time. 


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Tuesday night we had a little party at the apartment since we knew Obama would be the next president. It was blue-themed so we had blue cupcakes, blue punch, blue tortilla chips, etc. Ben also made some excellent o’horderves like BBQ meatballs and bacon-wrapped water chestnuts. There were about 15 people there all together, it was super fun. We just watched CNN and ate food up until he was elected.

Wednesday I was a little self-indulgent and took the morning off to sleep in. Oh how nice it was – I got up and lounged on the couch for a bit then made some french toast. I wish I could wake up the way I did today everyday. While I was talking to my mom on gmail chat she mentioned she was making pork chops for dinner – which I REALLY want as well. I think sometime this week I’ll have to do that – I haven’t had a shak’n’baked pork chop dipped in applesauce in sooooo long.

After I got done with work (4:30) Sarah Swindle (Yes guys, this is a different sarah – this one is from Texas. I gave her a tour last year and now she’s a freshman here.) and I went and got some soup from Kowalski’s and then went to my apt and made a grilled cheese. MMMM it was good – I now know that they have extremely tasty chicken noodle soup. Sara also got home when we got back from the grocery store and had a grilled cheese with us.

Sara and I had to go to class (economics) and we watched part of the movie – “I.O.U.S.A.” It’s a good one – all about the national debt and such. It’s just a 30-minute version of it but I want to see the whole thing – I’m considering getting a Netflix account so maybe they’ll have it on there, our teacher said she couldn’t find a version anywhere.

I also ordered my camera! It dropped in place a little bit since my last blog which is cool plus I got a free 4GB memory card. I also threw in another battery – since it was also on sale and I have a feeling I’ll be taking lots of pictures in London. I’ve also been searching the internet for things to do, WHILE ON A BUDGET, in London so if anyone has any suggestions – please tell me! Once we get some stuff figured out – I’ll post our ideas. I’m also considering a London-specific blog/website that I would post on each night I’m there. What do you think – unnecessary? Should I just post everything here?

Today I went to work in the morning, from 9:00-12:00, then our group had a meeting/event for BS kids to collect process documentation for our project/exhibition. After that I came home and did some dishes then I ventured out to Mystic Lake Casino to pick up Pam so we could do some shopping and so she could buy me dinner! yes! haha. We went to The World Market and Michaels then proceeded to the Mall of America. We went in with a plan, I ended up getting some new Seven jeans. They fit very well, have plain pockets and were 35% off. Yes! After shopping I showed her my apartment then picked up Meg and Alisha and we headed to Buca di Beppo for dinner – it was very tasty. I took the voyage back to Mystic Lake and dropped Pam off and now I’m just at home, laying in bed and talking to Alyssa.

Click on my Flickr photostream on the right or this link to see some pictures from the Political Potluck.

I Voted.

Posted in camera, fall, journal, London, vote by moesker007 on November 4, 2008

I voted! That’s right…I voted, for Obama. Sweet. We got in line at about 10:30 and didn’t finish voting until after 1:00. The line was crazy long – but it was worth it. 

It’s been super nice here – like 70’s. It’s so perfect and pretty out, I do not want it to go away. I hate snow and the leaves are amazing. 

Sara and I bought our tickets to London last night, we’ll be going from December 3rd – 10th. Jordan is going to Barcelona that weekend so we are considering going with her as well, if not, she’s giving us the keys to her flat. It shall be a grand trip. A day trip to Paris is also planned. Sweet. 

My small camera is broken – which is super sad – so I’ve been shopping around for a new one. I decided on the Canon SD790IS. It seems like quite the nice little camera – around $200. I shall get it in the very near future, definitely before London! 

Busy Weekend

Posted in fall, journal, MCAD, school, Work by moesker007 on November 2, 2008

This weekend was pretty eventful – Friday was Halloween. I had to work at Apple until 10:00, but managed to get out of there around 9:30. We decided to try and stress test an iPhone until it broke and it was amazing how much it took. We razor bladded it, screwdrivered it, paint scrapperd it and it didn’t scratch the screen. We also dropped froze it with the liquid from spray air, which didn’t crack the glass but did do something to the LCD underneath it. After that, we threw it in the air and dropped it – both of which did nothing – then threw it into the ground, which finally made if shatter. It was quite the fun little thing to do haha.

Once I left the store I quick made it to the Uptown Chipotle where Alison, Zach, Emily and Ben were standing in line for free burritos. At chipotle, if you dress like a burrito, you get free food. Their definition of “dressing like a burrito” is very lax – all you need is some tin foil on you somewhere. There were tons of people, but I snuck up in line with them and for my 3 free tacos. 

After Chipotle, we ventured to Alison’s house for a bit then took the bus downtown to 1st Ave for their Halloween party. It was my first Minneapolis bus ride – and it wasn’t even too bad. We got to 1st Ave around 12:00, and it was crazy. There were sooo many people out downtown, and the place was sold out. Luckily, Chris got us on the guest list so Tara and I got in for free and the others just had to wait in line for a bit but Chris got them some cheaper tickets. Thank goodness for knowing someone who works there (otherwise we would’ve been stuck outside like the rest of the crazys haha) The place was packed once we got inside, full of crazy drunk people in costumes. We danced until close, around 2:00. It was crazy haha. We also walked  home, since the busses weren’t running and we didn’t want to pay for a taxi. 

Saturday I slept in until 1:00, which was supppper nice. I got a little homework done then had to go to work at Apple at 5:40. I got off of work around 10:15, then came back to MCAD to help out a friend (Sarah – I gave her a tour of the school last year and now she’s a freshman, she’s from Texas) with a project for one of her classes. After that I rode with Meg to pick up Alisha from work at the MOA then Meg and I headed to the Saw 5 at Southdale. It was a pretty good movie, and we got back around 2:00. I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home, since I had to work at admissions this morning.

So I got up and had to be at the school at 9:00 for National Portfolio Day. Basically I sat on the 4th floor at a desk and directed people as they came up the stairs to where the different college’s were located. I got done there around 4:30 and now I’m just having dinner at home then I have to go to the school for a lengthy meeting starting at 5:30 to figure out what we’re going to present for my Tuesday class. yuck.