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Post-Holiday Relaxation

Posted in christmas, cooking, food, winter by moesker007 on December 30, 2008

The last few days have consisted of me lounging around the apartment, it has been quite amazing. I worked Friday and Saturday then Sunday I took a trip down to Rochester to hang out with Grandma and my Mom. Grandpa is going alright, he’s still unsure of what happened/where he is but I guess his body is doing pretty good. We mostly shopped all day Sunday, I got some good things on sale from World Market. We also got grandma a new laptop, I set it all up for her then headed back to Minneapolis. I got back around midnight…

Monday I thought I was going to work but instead ended up shopping all day, I got some great deals though which is good. However, I couldn’t find any black leather gloves – which is what I was really trying to find. ughhh.

Today I woke up and Alison, Zach and their friend from Canada came over and we made some deluxe grilled cheese with spinach, peppers, turkey, etc. They were super tasty. After they left Sara went swimming and I sat on the couch for a few hours and just relaxed/watched TV. Uhhhh, it was soooo good. I finally got off the couch and took a trip over to Ridgedale to again try and find some black leather gloves – still no success.

I’m now making some banana bread – I used the new KitchenAid Mixer and other banking utensils. It works great, Meg and I also used it a few days ago to make a cranberry cake for her mom’s side christmas get together. I loveeeee it.

Christmas with Mom and Christmas with The Buckallews

Posted in christmas, winter by moesker007 on December 25, 2008

Tuesday I got up and had lots to do, I went around and collected money from everyone who owed me from getting things for them then went to the bank. I also stopped over at Allie’s and Alyssa’s to get some presents. Alyssa’s mom got me a Pampered Chef cookie scoop and cupcake cook book (prefect) and Allie got me a cup-a-cake individual cupcake holder.

After all that I hung out with my mom. We were about to go get lunch then she reminded me that I had a dentist appointment, so I dropped her off back at home then went to the dentist. It was just a cleaning, nothing too exciting. I went and picked up mom after the dentist and we went to The Deepwater for Christmas dinner haha. It was pretty tasty. We made our way back to my mom’s where I set up their new Wii and my old computer. She also surprised me with presents! She told be before that she wasn’t getting me anything since we are going to NYC soon. She even got me stuff off my list! She got me:

  • Gucci II spray and body wash
  • Truffles
  • Williams & Sonoma Spatulas
  • All-Clad measuring cups and spoons
  • iTunes
  • Money
  • Ornament
Everything was just what I wanted – I was quite happy :). After my mom and I ran to Wal-Mar, I went over to grandma’s and set up their photo printer. Amy came over, we ran to my house then went out to Bonnie’s. We hung out there for a while then I dropped off Amy at home. 

Wednesday morning I left for Wausau at 10:30, about an hour after Grandma and Grandpa left. The roads were great until about Brule then it was quite gross. Highway 8 to Weston was all pretty nasty, I did manage to average about 55 the whole time though.

When I got here on Wednesday we had lunch then went to Church. Yeah, I went to church, it was unfortunate. After church we came home and had christmas dinner then opened presents. I got some giftcards, money, tea ball, chopper/scopper and measuring cups from the Buckallews and a Kitchen Aid mixer from Grandma and Grandpa! I was quite surprised!

We headed for bed, waited for Ryan to go to sleep, then Rhonda and I became Santa haha. We furiously wrapped Rachael and Ryan’s presents as well as stuffed stockings for all of us. I fell in sleep in front of the fireplace haha.
This morning we opened presents from Santa, I got some nice little things in my stocking. I also opened my present from Alyssa this morning, it was a vintage Lacoste sweater. It’s thoroughly great. After that I set up all the newly acquired technological goods. The iMac looks quite nice on their desk, the printer is working, the wireless is set up, Rachael’s computer is set up, Ryan’s TV is working, Rachael’s camera is working – it’s all good. Other than that I’ve just been lounging around the house all day haha. Tomorrow I’m going to have to leave around 8:00 to make it back in time for work – barf. 

Thanks for all the gifts everyone! Check out my Flickr for christmas pictures. 

Christmas with BPTM

Posted in christmas, journal, winter by moesker007 on December 23, 2008

Again, I’ve lagged a bit behind in the blogging. The last few days I’ve just been busy working – imagine that. Minneapolis finally got some snow and some cold temperatures. It was gross having to get up in the mornings and head into work with a temperature of -16. My last few days in Minneapolis were spent working, shopping, packing and wrapping (not in any particular order).

Sunday I worked until 4:45 then packed up the car and headed for Ashland. I got into town around 10:00. The roads were great from Minneapolis to Brule then they got gross. From Brule to Ashland there was a pack us going about 45mph. Once I got home I dropped stuff off at grandmas then went to my dad’s. 

Monday morning I got up and Tom and I went out and about. We went shopping for Pam’s christmas present and had some Chinese with Alyssa. OMG, I miss New China soooo much. it’s so good. We went to my grandma’s and wrapped Pam’s present then came back home. Grandma and Grandpa came out around 5:30 with pizza from the pizza pub and presents. We ate, had some good dessert then opened presents. I got some cash, gift cards, spatulas, a garlic press, some cookies, and a neat 1,000 places to see before you die calendar from BPTM. Thanks!!

BPTM enjoyed their TV I picked out for them, grandma and grandpa got them a 1080p 42″ LCD. It looks great, and they are going to get an HD box so it will look even better soon. Tom also really liked his MobileMe, he’s already got his site up at: Matt went right in his room and used his new Sony Noise Canceling Headphones. I also demoed grandma and grandpa with their new photo printer, the prints looked pretty great. I’d say everyone was happy with they got. 

After present opening I ran into town and watched The Hills Finale at Alyssa’s. I came back home where Pam was busy baking up a storm cookies for a cookie exchange at work. They were pretty darn good! I fell asleep with my new earbuds in – they sound soo amazing. I love them. 

Updated Christmas List

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Though I know this is a bit late, I’ve thought of a few more things to add to my christmas list that I want:

Alright, so that was kind of lame – not much of an update, oh well. In other news, I was digging in a box on my bookshelf and found a second Gatito. I’m so confused. For those of you that don’t know, Gatito is my Ugly Doll. He’s a kitten, Alyssa got him for me for christmas last year and I thought I lost him but it turns out Alyssa had him the whole time. However, now I found another one in that box which extremely confuses me. I’m not sure how he got there or what happened, but this new one I found is the long lost twin of my current one. I’m not sure of a name yet, but it will come to me in it’s own time. Anyways, it’s just weird haha.

Today is pretty much gross snowing out. I had to work at Apple from 8-11 which was a really short and somewhat perplexing shift. After work I got some new votives at Pier 1 then came home and baked some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Meg and I then went downtown and had some coffee/picked up a package I missed from the post office. It was $200 service bureau credits from Sara that I needed to make prints of the posters she made for AHS hockey. 

I dropped Meg off at the Mega Bus station then came back to MCAD and printed as many posters as I could before the service bureau closed at 5:00. I managed to get like 12 done or something like that – only 38 more to go that need to be done by tomorrow. Ew. Now I’m just at home, going to do the dishes and some laundry then go to bed. I work at school tomorrow from 9-5, barf. 

Christmas Plans

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I don’t think I’ve said on the blog yet, but school is done! Another semester down…it’s crazy how fast time is going. Absolutely crazy. I was overseas the majority of time my finals week, and luckily it didn’t really effect my finals much.
I managed to finish all my Typography stuff before I left including a process book and my final poster for the font Kabel. I think I did alright in the class, it was definitely the most challenging class I’ve ever had. It’s so hard to be competitive artistically when you are in a class full of people majoring in design/fine art. I’m interested in seeing what grade I end up getting – I got an A on a couple assignments and then the others were mediocre so we’ll just have to wait and see what I end up getting.
I have a feeling my marketing grade is going to be pretty good – I think I had an A at midterm and I’m pretty sure I’ve done well on all the things we’ve had to do as well as our final project. I missed the final presentation to our client (a band named TIK) but that shouldn’t effect my grade at all, or at least that is what I was told haha. 
Visulization Studio should be alright, though I really have no guess as to what the final grade is going to be. We had to do evaluation papers so hopefully my team members evaluated me in a positive way, and I think we did a pretty good job of accomplishing all the objectives we set for ourself in the beginning so I don’t see why my grade won’t be good. I also missed the final presentation for this class, but again, Kris didn’t say anything about it really and my team covered for my part. 
Project Managament I got an 86% in…and I’m not quite sure what the translates to letter-grade wise but it’s probably a B+. I’m pretty content with that since I hated that class and all the silly little assignments we had to do. I missed the presentations of everyone’s final projects but Sara and I presented our before we left so my grade wasn’t effected by that at all.  
Economics is the one class that I had an actual final in, which I knew wasn’t going to be too good. I ended up doing alright – I got a C+ on the final but my first semester final I got an A on and I did well on most assignments to I got a B in the class, that’s a relief. Economics is some confusing stuff haha.
I worked at Apple on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Two 8 hour shifts and a 6 hour shift. It’s so great having a job that I enjoy going to. I seriously love working there. Sometimes I don’t like having to leave what I’m doing and actually go there, but once I’m there it doesn’t matter since I enjoy it so much. It’s quite weird haha. 
Today Allie and I went shopping in the morning – she came over in the morning (around 9:30) and we had breakfast at my house then we hit IKEA and the MOA. I didn’t get much, as I don’t need anything, besides some christmas gifts. Speaking of Christmas, I think I have a plan on what I’m doing, this is starting the week of Christmas 22nd:
  • Monday-Tuesday: Ashland Christmas. See my Mom. 
  • Wednesday-Thursday: Wausau Christmas. See the Buckallews and Grandma/pa. 
  • Friday: Apple work.
  • Saturday-Sunday: Apple Work and hopefully go to Wausau again to see BPTM.
  • Mon or Tuesday: Go visit Grandma and Grandpa Chico in Rochester. 
I guess that’s all for now…
P.S. It’s a ridiculous snow storm outside right now, gross. I also got a nice pair of Shure SE210 earbuds for only $75. As an Apple employee we get a 50% discount on Shure headphones, so I’m looking forward to those coming in the mail soon. Merry Christmas to myself!

A Short Christmas List

Posted in christmas list by moesker007 on December 13, 2008

Here is a short list of things I am wishing for that are feasible: 

Here are a short list of things that I want, but aren’t feasible:
  • KitchenAid Mixer (don’t want to haul it to NYC)
  • LCD TV (don’t want to haul it to NYC)
  • Burberry Scarf (too expensive)
  • Anything from Apple (I work there)
  • Any Appliance (I already have too many and don’t want to haul them to NYC)
  • A Puppy (I don’t have time)
I don’t know who really needs this, but I figured I mine-as-well put it out there. When it comes to kitchen things I have all the things I need already, but now I want things that are quality and that will last. There aren’t really any electronics I need or want, working at Apple has enabled me to get extreme discounts at lots of places so it’s not worth it. I guess that’s all I have to say…if I think of anything else I direly cannot live without I’ll update the list. 

London, Paris, Oh My!

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This is where I left off from the last update, unfortunately I typed it on my phone so good luck reading it!:

Today we slept in until 12:00. We needed those full 12 hours of sleep. Once we got ready we headed to Rostar again and had a little morning snack. We attempted to go to a pub for a traditional English breakfast but alas, they stoped serving it at noon.

After breakfast Jordan had to go to class from 2-4. Sara went back to the flat and I took the opportunity to explore a little. I took the tube to a neighborhood where I was able to find the proper power adapter since the one I brought wasn’t the correct one. I found it at a little shop full of random things – the guy at counter and I had a little conversation haha most all people here are quite kind. It’s peculiar. I managed to make it back to the flat where Sara let me in. I did some homework (which is why I went to get the adapter) then Jordan came back from class and we went out shopping.

We went to Piccadilly and Regent street and some other places. Harrods was quite amazing – there were sooo many things I wanted to buy; I think pretty much every designer is represented there. Oh, I also forgot to tell you about the department store Liberty. It’s probably one of the most luxurious department stores I’ve ever been in. If I was at all rich I would probably spend every dime at that place.

We interrupted shopping for dinner at the Knightsbridge Cafe. I sucked down a strawberry milkshake, diet coke (which came in a glass bottle) and some delicious penne pasta with chicken and garlic creme sauce. We continued to shop only to find the majority of places closing. we did make it into Zara where I found a button down shirt that actually fit! Amazing. I plan on going back before we leave to find some more things since I only hadabout 10 minutes in which time I found a purple cardigan and a grey button up. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some good shopping in Paris as well.

After shopping we made our way back tithe flat and got ready for Paris. We didn’t bring and checked luggage so I packed up my backpack, we printed our tickets, then went to bed for about 2 hours.

We got up at 3:00 to catch a bus to a station where we were going to take the express train to the airport. However, when we go there it was closed for construction. So, we did some quick thinking and managed to catch a taxi to the St Pancras station where an express was ready to leave at 4:32. We bought our tickets then waited for about 15 minutes before leaving. Our flight to Paris leaves at 7:00am and the train takes about 40 minutes to get to the Luton airport. We should make it just in time.

The flight was fairly quick – only about an hour. Once we got in we had a sandwich at the airport which was our first bit of delicious French food. It was soo tasty for a sandwich (baguette, cheese and salami). We waited in line for quite some time to get a ticket for the train to take us into Paris.

The train ride went pretty quick – we got off at Gare Du Nord where we then attempted to find our hotel. We barely knew the name nor had any conformation info since we forgot to print it before leaving. Jordan saw a hotel down the way that looked like ours and amazingly it was. We paid for our two nights then headed up to take a nap.

After our nap we got ready to go to the champs elysee and do a little shopping and see the arc de triomphe. We ate at a little place off a side road from the champs elysee that was pretty good then we headed back towards our hotel where we had dessert at a cafe.

Sunday came and we woke up pretty early and had a typical French breakfast of a crossiant, bread, hot chocolat and juice before heading to the louvre. If I could, I would have this breakfast everyday – it’s the perfect amont of food and tastes. Sundays are free admission to the Louvre so we walked around and saw all the famous (and not so famous) works of art. The Mona Lisa is still the star attraction there – it’s funny to see all the tourists try to take a picture of it.

After the louvre we went to have lunch. We went to a somewhat touristy cafe near the louvre where I got chocolat crepes. We walked around after and eventually ran into Notre Dame. It amazing me how these super huge buildings could have been constructed years and years ago.

Following the louvre, we were walking to the metro and I glimpsed the centre pompidou so we continued to the entrance where it was also free admission on Sunday. We went up to view the centre’s collection of modern art and get a view of the city then proceeded back to the hotel to take a nap.

After our nap we got ready and headed for dinner at a place called hippopotamus which was very good (as all French food is) but took quite a long time. We finished up dinner (including dessert) and headed to the Eiffel tower. We didn’t get there in time to go up but that’s alright since it costs too much $ and the beauty of it can be admired from the ground. It was probably around midnight when we left the tower and headed back to the hotel.

Monday morning came and we woke up then treked to The Sacre Coeur, a church that overlooks the city. We hauled ourselves up the coutless steps to enjoy the view of paris and rest on the stone stairs. We walked through the church then into the back streets where we weaved through countless tourists to find another beautiful view of the city. We made our way back down the hill though a back stret to the Moulin Rouge. We ate some late lunch at a cafe around Moulin Rouge then shopped a little. I restrained myself and only got a scarf.

5:00 rolled around and we began our trip to the airport. We rode the metro for quite a while before arriving at the airport. Upon arrival, we found our gate thenhad some food. I had an awkward craving for Mcdonalds so that’s what I had. It actually didn’t do horrible things to my stomach, but it was still very awkward. The flight to London was super quick – like 55 minutes or something. Once back in London we took the express back to the city the the metro to Jordans. We basically went to be soon as we got back.

Tuesday was our last day in London so we got up and made our way to that Pub and made it in time for breakfast. After eating, Jordan had to go to class so she headed there and Sara and I finsihed some last-minute homework. Jordan got done with class and we went shopping – what we do best. We went to Absolute Vintage and the market around there. When we got back Jordan’s flat-mates were making dinner as a last-time-together thing since they will be going home for xmas break and Jordan will be coming back to the states. They made enough for us as well, which was super nice, and it was super tasty. After dinner we just hung out in Jordan’s room and packed to leave.

Wednesday morning we left Jordan’s at 5:00am and took the metro to the airport. We got there pretty much on time so I quick had a crisy kreme then we boarded the flight. This time we all had our own screen so I watched Batman: Dark Kinght and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on the way back in addition to sleeping and listening to music. Once in Toronto, we made our way to our gate then sat down to get some economic homework done. We were waiting in gate 166 then all of a sudden sara heard out of the corner of her ear “last call for boarding flight to minneapolis st paul” and we basicall ran over to gate 164 where we just made it on the plane – I don’t know how we messed that one up. Anyways – we got back to Minneapolis a bit early and Meg was waiting to get us so we quick got our luggage and headed to economics.

We had a final in economics that night at 6:30 so we were able to make it on time. After the final we went back to the apartment and Meg and I ran to the grocery store then I came back and fell asleep on the couch.

I slept until like 11:00 which was great, then seriously sat around ALL day. It’s 11:00pm now and I’ve seriously only left the house twice – once to run to target to get ingrdents for this recipie I made for dinner and once to bring bem to class since he called and said his car got broken into 😦 sorryBen – I know how it feels.

Check out photos on my Flickr by clicking here or over on the flickr on the right.

London – Day 1

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I figured I would update this blog (hopefully everyday) so I’ll be able to remember all the little places we went. Here’s the story so far…

We started the trip on Wednesday, December 3rd at 9:00 AM. Meg brought Sara and I to the airport where our flight left at 11:30. We had some breakfast pastries at French Meadow in the airport then proceeded to Toronto, Canada. The Flight was pretty quick (little more than a hour). Once at the airport, we had a 4 hour layover. I spent the time doing some homework, which worked out quite well. We also exchanged currency there – which we really should have done before laving the states. I got about 220 GBP (pounds) for about $360 USD. I guess it’s not the worst thing in the world – but it probably would have been cheaper in the US.

Our flight left Toronto at 6:40 PM. Sara and I were originally not seated next to each other but luckily a lady switched with Sara so we were able to sit next to one another. The plane ride was fairly long – like 8 hours or something like that. Once we got here we took the Tube (I know, how British of us) to get to Jordan. She goes to the Queen Mary school on the East side of town and the Airport is on the far west, so it took quite a while (during rush house – we got here at 7:00 am). We learned that not all public transportation is handicap accessable here meaning we had to haul our luggage up some flights of stairs. Once out of the tube we surfaced and only had to walk a few blocks through the typical- dreary-rainy day to Jordan’s flat.

Once we met Jordan and she showed us around a bit, she had to go to class. When she went to class, Sara and I went to a coffee shop about a block away called Roastars. I just had a coffee to wake me up and Sara ended up taking a nap for about 15 minutes. Sara and I just hung out at that coffee shop until Jordan came and met us and was done with class (at about noon) Once she was done with class we went for a little adventure through town to see the London Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, and the London Bridge. We also ate some lunch/dinner at a bagel place where I had another coffee hah. By this time we had been up for over 24 hours lol. Jordan had class again at 4:00 so we got back the flat around 3:00 and went down for a nap.

We got up when Jordan got back from class (around 5:00) then cooked up a frozen pizza we had bought previously. After eating we went out to see Oxford Circus and do a little pre-shopping (we are going shopping tomorrow after Jordan has class. There were tons of Christmas lights all over and some giant snowmen balloons (like the ones in the Macy’s parade) suspended. We went to some great shops then decided we were still hungry so we stopped off at Garfunkel’s for some late night eats. We were going to go out for drinks after food, but then our sleepiness hit and we went back to the flat and retired for the night.