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Another weekend of no work

Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on January 25, 2009

The last few days have been quite nice, I didn’t have to work this weekend so I’ve basically been off since Wednesday. Thursday night Alison, Alyssa, Meg, Zach, and Alisha made dinner at Alyssas. We had cranberry wild rice pilaf and chicken saltimbocca, which is chicken flattened out then rolled and cooked with prosciutto, spinach and cheese. It was super good, definitely a recipe I’m keeping hold of to try again.

Friday was a day of errands and fun. I’ve had a rather long to-do list this week, and a majority of the items on it got crossed off on Friday. Tara, Alyssa and I made Branbury Pie for the British party that turned out…alright. The Brit’s defiantely don’t have the best traditional food – oh well. That night was the party which was super fun. We ended up making our way to Honeymoon – 90’s edition at First Ave which was a pretty fun time (espically since Chris got me in free). We made it back to the apartment around 2:30, it was a great night.

Saturday I lounged around most of the day and got some homework done. For my Human Factors class I need to visualize what humans would be like if we could glide and design an enviroment we’d live in. I’m having a hard time with it – since I’m not that great at drawing. Oh well, we’ll see how it turns out. Alyssa and I went to eat at Olive Garden, which was a bad decision. That place is a trap for suburan white people and we fell into it. It took about a hour and a half to eat and leave and all we had was soup and salad (no breadsticks, they are nasty from there). For some reason though, the salad and soup always draw me back.

Today I went to the Purple Onion for the majority of the day with Alyssa, Zach, Sarah, Sara, Jordan, James and Alison. We lounged around, ate, drank coffee and did homework from about 3:00 until 6:00. Once I got home I did my color marketing homework which was actually quite fun. I quick through together a pdf of warm colors, cool colors and neutrals. It’s definitely not grammatically correct but was fun to make. Perhaps I’ll revisit it to correct some of the language and conventions. Here’s the link.

Tomororw is my first full day of classes. I have class from 9:30-12:00, a meetng over lunch, work in admissions from 1:00-5:00, and class again from 6:00-9:30. It’s going to be a long day, but hopefully I’ll like my two classes. Oh, I’ve also started collecting Dunny vinyl toys. Here’s a link if you want to know about them.

That’s all for now, check out my Flickr for photos!


School Officially Starts!

Posted in cooking, food, journal, MCAD, school, winter, Work by moesker007 on January 21, 2009

School has offically started again, and I’m not so sure how I feel about that haha. I went home last weekend which a nice little break, and we also had off from school on Monday. I had a meeting with my BS exhibition team then came home and cooked some dinner with Alyssa and Alison. We made some delicious pasta with basil, tomatoes, proschiutto, smoked mozzeralla, spinach and other good stuff.

Tuesday we had another exhibition meeting then I had to work in admissions from 1-5. I wasn’t scheduled to work at Apple, but I picked up a shift from 6:00-9:30 from someone who wanted off. After both works we again had a meeting for the exhibition that went until about 11:00. It was a very busy day.

Wednesday morning would have been my first official class, but Jamie and I had to skip it as we thought we had a presentation to the MCAD cabinet. After getting all prepared and waiting for about a half hour we realized something wasn’t right and went to find Jerry. I guess cabinent wasn’t meeting this week, so we had a quick meeting with him. After Jerry we met with Lars to discuss the installation plan then had a meeting a noon with Design Works to go over some of the final content. 1:00 was my first class – Human Factors and Usability. It was actually a really good class that I’m pretty excited for. It’s all about how humans interact with the enviroment and products and the design that goes into them. After class was done (6:00) I came back to my house where Alyssa came over and we had some dinner and made Banana Muffins with the bananas that were needing to be used at my apt. The turned out much better than I expected, the streusel top on them was amazing.

For some reason I’m not really scheduled to work at the Apple Store until the 31st, so I think it’s going to be nice having a little break from work. I think it’s going to be really hard having the 3 jobs this semester plus my classes and internship. We’ll see how it goes!

In other news, I’ve still been good about not buying stuff (yes!) and have found a new way to manage all my money. It’s an online service called Mint. It’s beautful in how it works, exactly what I was looking for. Below is all what I’ve spent this month so far…it is super easy to just produce graphs like this that break your spending down.

Don’t forget to check out my Flickr, I’ve posted a bunch more photos of cooking.

P.S. I forgot to mention that last week Tara had a pot luck at her house and Alison, Jamie nad I made some amazing stuff for it – that’s what the pictures online are mainly of. We made a smoked salmon dip, pruscitto, mozz and spinach pinwheel, macha cupcakes, mint chocolate cupakes and phylio dough cups with white chocolate pudding and fresh berries. We were cooking machines that day – it was a ton of fun!

Calm before the storm

Posted in cooking, food, journal, MCAD, school, winter by moesker007 on January 15, 2009

This week so far has been pretty calm – how nice. I know this isn’t going to last long though, school starts soon…bring on the stress. Also, it’s been absolutely freezing here and, as a result, my apartment has been quite chilly. I don’t really know if the heat even works – whatever.

Monday I slept in then Meg, Alisha and I made some delicious dinner from the Giada’s cookbook – lamb burgers wrapped in prosciutto with asparagus on the side. They turned out really good, Kowalski’s has some wonderful ground lamb. After dinner, we had a cleaning rampage. Meg, as many of you might know, is not the most organized person in the world so Alisha and I finally took it upon ourselves to whip her into shape. The 3 of us seriously spent 4 hours non-stop cleaning and organizing her room. We thew away countless bags of junk/garbage and ended with a clean room. We rewarded ourselves after cleaning with a trip to Perkins for desert.

Tuesday I got to sleep in again then I woke up and did some stuff around the house before venturing over to Meg and Alisha’s to make some pancakes. I ate over there then went to Sarah’s where her, Brian and I watched Clueless. I recently purchased the movie but hadn’t seen it before – it was excellent haha. After the movie I went with Alisha and Meg to Meg’s mom’s house where we had dinner. She made some pretty tasty stuff – as usual.

Wednesday I had to get up and bring Allie to the airport, as she was flying out to NYC. She had to be there at 8:30, so it was an early morning. After dropping her off I came back home and Sarah Hummel and I went to the downtown Dunn Bro’s for some coffee. We spent about 2 hours in front of the wonderful fireplace on the second floor. I dropped Sarah off at home then went into work for a few hours. Admissions has been getting tons of mail – which is what I’ve mainly been having to do – since the application deadlines are coming up soon.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my room and dealing with a massive pile of clothes. I managed to wrangle all the clothes either into the cloest or into the wash and now I have a nicely organized closet and room. It was much-needed, I was runnning out of things to wear which is slightly scary!

I went over to Tara’s that night to hang out with her, Chris and Nina. We got Pizza Luce delivered, drank orange soda and watched Man on Wire. It’s a documentary on Phillipe Petit – the man who walked across the world trade center tours on a wire. It was super good – I’ve wanted to see it and we randomly came across it while scrolling through the NetFlix instant watch movies. Nina and I also got drawn into watching the majority of Batman – since Chris had it on Bluray which looked stunning on the flat screen.

This morning I had meetings – one in the morning that I didn’t make it to due to getting up not early enough and a sudden blood nose. I haven’t had one of those in so long, it must be my dry room since my humidifer has been out of water the past few days. I had a meeting with part of my group then we went to Yum! where we got to-go (I got fish and chips) and headed back to the school so I could make it to work on time. I worked in admissions from noon until 2:00 then had a meeting with Design Works. They presented us with the design work they’ve come up with and I must say – they definately pulled it off – it looks good.

After work Meg and I went over to Southdale where we went to Byerly’s for some groceries (I didn’t get much, I’ll be going home this weekend so I’m hoping a trip to the grocery store is in order for me), then to Target where I got a little space heater/fan thing. We ate at P.F. Changs – their lettuce wraps are sooooo good. We headed back to Meg’s where we made some mint-chocolate chip milkshakes.

I’m not just in bed, enjoying my newly warmed room. The little heater I got works pretty well, I’m defiantely going to get my $30 out of it haha. In other news, I haven’t even had the slightest desire to go shopping – though I am still spending money on food and gas and space heaters. I don’t think it’s possible to not spend money.

Oh – check out my Flickr for some new pictures!


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There isn’t really anything too new and exciting to update everyone on…I’ve just been coasting from day to day. I’ve been doing lots of work on the exhibition we’re putting together. It was our class project last semester but we decided to follow through to implementation as an independent study for next semester. We’re working with so many different people so my weeks have been (and will be) filled with meetings. I guess it keeps me busy, but there’s definitely tons of work to be done.

Allie and I hung out a bit the past week which was fun. We only live a few minutes from each other but never find time to hang out. I fixed up her laptop for her with Leopard and iLife 08 and moved some her pictures around/set up Time Machine. Now she’s got a computer that’s mostly up to date again, yay.

Alyssa moved the majority of her stuff into her apartment yesterday. Sarah and Alyssa are rooming together again next semester, and since Jake (Alyssa’s brother) had a hockey game near La Crosse the whole family came down to move. Alyssa, Jake and I came over to my apartment and played some good old fashioned Mario Kart Double Dash. I was the champion, as usual. Around 12:30 we dropped Alyssa off at her apartment then Jake and I ran to the airport to pick up Meg and her Mom. They were flying back in from their timeshare in Mexico at 1:00am so we got there and waited for a bit. We brought them home (Hopkins) then brother (Jake) and I came back to my apartment, played some more games of Mario Kart and fell asleep around 3:00.

Sunday morning we all (Alyssa, Alyssa’s Mom and Dad, Jake, and Felix (Alyssa’s foreign exchanged student)) went to eat for brunch. We tried to go to French Meadow, but there was a huge wait so instead went to The Bad Waitress. It was oddly tasty, more so than usual. I had an omelette with asparagus, bacon and gruyere cheese. They all headed back to Ashland and I headed to work. I worked from 2-6, it was a pretty good day. I can still say that I love working at Apple – what a great feeling.

After work I had a meeting all of our team (Chris, Lauren, Jamie, Miranda, Alison) and Kristoffer (our teacher/owner of Robot Love) at The Boiler Room Cafe. It was a pretty lengthy meeting, about 2 hours long, but we got a lot of stuff worked out/figured out. After work Alison and I had a brief meeting to get all the content formatted for Design Works and now I’m just in bed, being tired.

The picture’s I recently uploaded to my Flickr are just some shots of my bedside table. Basically, all the things I use on a daily basis/couldn’t live without are in it. Oh! I also found my old iPhone – well – Felix found it in the back of Alyssa’s car. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it yet. The screen’s cracker and the sleep button doesn’t work – but maybe I can still sell it on

Me and my mom’s trip to NYC has been delayed – Parsons’s doesn’t have any tours open yet so we aren’t going until we can get a tour ūüė¶ sad. On a better note though, my application has been reopened and all I need to do is send them an updated transcript. Hopefully I’ll be accepted again – otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do! I think I’ve deicded that I’m going to live on campus, though things could always change.

Like I said – I’ve been trying to not spend much money and it’s been somewhat successful. We get some free software through work, so I’m going to start tracking what I spend. I started using tags with my online American Express bill and that has revealed a lot of where my money goes to so now I’ll be able to start tracking everything I spend – that should be interesting.

I guess that’s all for now, I’m just coasting along…

Happy 2009!

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Yes – this is coming a bit late, I’ve been slacking on updating the blog. Almost every night I’ve had the intent to update but when it comes around to it¬†I always get lazy. Anyways, I’ll try to sum up what I’ve been up to recently. I’ll start with New Years…

At about 3:00 on New Years Eve I decided that I was going to take a trip home. Alyssa was having people over at her house so it¬†would¬†be fun to show up and surprise everyone. I thought I had to work all week but it turns out the admissions office was closed, so there was really no reason for me to be in Minneapolis anyways. I was going to surprise grandma and grandpa but my dad ruined that…haha oh well. I got into town and went right to Alyssa’s. It was a super fun night, I got to hang out with everyone. It was a much needed break from Minneapolis.

New Years day I just sorta lounged around Ashland, nothing too exciting happened. I left back for the cities on Friday morning – only to get back just in time for work at Apple at 1:00. The Apple store has been pretty crazy busy, I don’t quite understand how we are so busy. Either way, I’m not¬†complaining, and I’m sure Apple isn’t either. I worked the rest of the weekend, did a few random things, nothing too exciting. I did make some delicious red potatoes and pork chops for dinner one day during the weekend. I also¬†managed¬†to finish editing the 2008 camping video, which I’m going to start sending out to people soon. Haha, it was fun to edit, it’s great having good memories with friends.

Yesterday I went to work in the morning where there was an enormous stack of mail for me to open since the office had been closed for 2 weeks. I scooched outta the office at 3:00 to run to Edina to pay for Ben’s part of the rent since he got his check returned to him in the mail for some reason and the 5th (yesterday) is the last day to pay rent without getting a $50 fee for being late. Since I was out I swung by the oil place to get my oil changed. I was about 500 miles over, all that driving over christmas took a toll on the Jeep. I also got a full tank of gas and some groceries.¬†

This morning I got up and did some serious¬†cleaning¬†and organizing of the house. Both the kitchen and living room are spotless. Tomorrow I’m going to try and move onto the bedroom, then nearly the entire house will be clean. Yippie! Alison, Jamie and I had a meeting for our BS exhibition at 3:00 where we did a phone interview with Jerry that went really well. Before the interview we were watching Giada on the Food Network so once we were done we decided to make what she made for dinner. I first went and got my haircut and Alison went to the school to try and pay her tuition and Jamie stayed at my apt. After I got back we began cooking. We made a stuffed chicken breast filled with spinach, goat cheese, cream cheese, sun dried tomato, fresh thyme and garlic topped with a chicken broth based (we used ramen noodle seasons packets as¬†substitute)¬†dijon¬†mustard¬†and lemon sauce. omg it was excellent. We had some asparagus on the side and delicious little fillo dough crusts with white¬†chocolate¬†pudding filling and blueberries that we adapted from a Sandra Lee recpie we also saw on Food Network.

After cooking and eating we attempted to get some work done on the project but were again distracted by the Food Network – god it’s such a great channel. I was talking to Allie online and decided that I wanted chocolate chip cookie so I packed up the ingredients and went over to her¬†house¬†to make some cookies. We made chocolate chip¬†butterscotch¬†cookies that turned out quite well – thanks to this recipie.¬†

Why is it that when you don’t want to spend money, you still do. Since I’m trying to stop spending so much/stop shopping I’ve now realized it’s basically impossible to not spend money. Just this week alone I’ve had to: get my oil changed ($40), get gas ($30), get groceries ($75), pay my cell phone bill ($80), pay rent ($280), get my haircut ($40) pay my electric/internet bill ($50), pay tuition ($1,100), and the list goes on…it’s actually quite gross but there is no way around most of it. Oh well, now I just know for a fact that wether I shop or not, I’ll still be running a deficit haha.

Check out my Flickr, I posted some new cooking photos.