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online final

Posted in final, journal, MCAD, school by moesker007 on February 25, 2009

my online color class is done!

here’s my final, it’s somewhat silly haha.


cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes

Posted in cupcakes, journal, MCAD by moesker007 on February 24, 2009

I found this lovely little clip while researching cupcake things for my magazine.

Oh, and this blog.

Posted in journal, MCAD, NYC, school, Work by moesker007 on February 24, 2009

The City this week; It was alright, nothing amazing.However, what was amazing was the Season 5 trailer for The Hills. If you missed it, you must watch it; super juicy.

Work is quite boring today, I’ve got nothing to do but wait and keep the office under control while my Boss is out of the office and give a tour at 3:00. Humm, I do have three projects that are all due tomorrow that should be filling my time:

1) Editorial section of a media kit for my magazine concept
2) A product line/extension that adds a new sense to the product (smell, taste, etc)
3) Color trends for a product for 2011. At least 11 colors, names for them, and research behind them

I have lots to do today, gross. Hopefully I can leave after this tour.

Still no news on Parsons admittance, I wish they’d hurry it up! My mom and I are leaving for NYC next Thursday, it shall be a fun trip.

It’s sunny and warm out today, beautiful.

Bow Tie

Posted in bow tie, journal by moesker007 on February 20, 2009

Today, I bought a bow tie.

$6 at Nordstrom Rack

It took me too long to figure out how to tie it.


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Parsons, please decide soon, I’m dying of nerves. 


Posted in irritation by moesker007 on February 16, 2009
Why do people hang their keys off their belt loops?

They make obnoxious noises.

Please stop, keys belong in pockets or bags.


The Week Begins

Posted in food, journal, MCAD, school, winter, Work by moesker007 on February 16, 2009

The week has begun again, Monday is the worst. ugh.

Valentines day I worked at Apple from 1-9 then went to Alison’s with Jordan and had some delicious birthday cake for her friend who was visiting from Canada, she turned the big 21

Sunday morning Jamie, Alison, Jordan, Sara and James went out for brunch at Sunnyside Up Cafe in Uptown. There was a line out the door for a table, but we waited anyways; the sun was out so it was nice waiting outside. We had some good ol’ greasy breakfast food, it was super tasty.

The rest of the day was spent with Alyssa doing homework. We went to the downtown Dunn Bros on Washington (one of my favorites) and then to eat at Pho Hoa noodles (delicious). I then went to Alyssa’s where she attempted to do a drawing for class and I laid on the floor and whined about doing homework. 

I picked up Sara from work and we went to Target to do our color homework then came back home and did more homework. yee. 

I’m still going strong on not buying anything, my goal is to not purchase anything besides food and gas until NYC in March, though somehow my AMEX bill keeps growing exponentially.

Mac n Cheese

Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on February 13, 2009

I saw this on the Food Network (imagine that) and made it for dinner. It was quite tasty, I also added some brocolli, it turned out quite well. Too bad creme fraiche is $7 for 6oz, I used half that and half source cream and cream; even I can’t justify spending $12 on one part of the recipe. 

Utne Reader

Posted in journal, MCAD, school, winter by moesker007 on February 12, 2009
Today, our Magazine Publishing class took a field trip to the Utne Reader offices in downtown Minneapolis. We were able to speak with nearly all of their crew about all facets of magazine production. It was EXTREMELY interesting. I briefly spoke with Stephanie Glaros, their art director, who helped rekindle my desire to work in print after school. She detailed exactly what she does as an art director, which was very attractive to me. She will be looking for an intern over summer; I’m defiantly applying.

Other than that, I had class until noon then the SAC meeting over lunch where we secured some budget for the upcoming BSVIS exhibition. Thank god. Alison, Jamie and I have decided to cater the event ourselves so we specifically secured budget for the food, which is quite exciting. I then had class from 1:00-6:00 which was mostly all about color, nothing too exciting. 

After class I went to a team building activity for extra credit for a different class that went pretty well. Jamie, Alison, Jake and I went to the “Sushi Love” event at the new Tiger Sushi on Lyndale where we ate some good food and relaxed a bit after class. I’ve got a new love for edamame. 

Tara was also persuaded to fly out to NYC during the same time as I’m there after learning that the first Tokidoki store in the US is opening on the 7th. I think I’m going to go to the opening with her, it shall be fun. Maybe my mom will want to come too, who knows haha. She’s going to be on the same flight with us so we can share boredom in the Milwaukee airport during our 2 hour layover. 

I guess that’s all for now, I’m currently lusting over this:

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I gave this class 2 weeks of optimism, Creating and Running a Business is a class I don’t find too useful. 


oh well, at least we get done early nearly every week.

The City tonight!