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It’s been a whirlwind kind of week. The internship/exhbition that I’ve been working on since the start of this school year came to an end on Thursday. It feels so good to be done. The whole week was devoted to working on the exhibition. In the end, it all came together and we had a really good turn out. We also catered it ourselves, and did a good job at getting the right amount of food. It just turned out really well, I’m happy and proud.

I brought Ben to the train station for his trip home on Friday. It’s been weird not having him in our room, I don’t think I like it.
Marissa came down for RENT on Saturday so we went to eat with Allie at Buca then went to the U and picked up Alycia and her friends and we for sebastian joes. We went back to my apartment and watched some quality TV then I brought em home and packed for Florida.
Saturday morning I went over to Allie’s and we made some banana muffins that turned out really well, then went to eat with Emily at Yum. We hung out with Aubrey for a bit then Allie picked Meg I up, dropped us off at the airport, and we were on our way to Florida.
The flights were alright…our layover in Detroit was longer than expected, they got snow/ice and had to de-ice the plane. We were about an hour late getting to Orlando. Mar, Val and Andrew were waiting at the airport and we headed off to Ocala, where Mar’s RV is. We got back around 3:00 and immediately went to bed.
This morning we got up and took a trip to the barn to get some things together, went and ate at The Waffle House (which was extremely janky but also really good), stopped a few places, finished packing the horse trailers then headed back to the RV. Mar and her family took over the RV and got it set up to leave and Meg and I headed off in the Scion towards Daytona Beach.
We got here and checked into the hotel (Hilton) then went to eat some tasty seafood. We came back to the hotel and went in the hot tub/pool for a bit and now I’m just in the lob by writing this blog and craving pie.
I think we’re going to go try to find some dessert…

Busy busy

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Busy busy busy.

Story of my (recent) life.

I seem to always either publish or draft my blog during this class (Creating and Running a Business). I think that must say something about my lack of focus during it.

Saturday was Sara, Nick and my birthday party at Azia. I was somewhat stressed out at the start but got better as it went on. Ben made me a delicious triple layer Andes mint chocolate cake, it was soooo gooooddd.

My mind has been running around the thoughts of NYC non stop lately. I got my official letter of acceptance and such, and need to send in my security deposit. I think I’m gonna do it, NYC here I come.

I’m so happy for this week to be done, 4 more days and I’ll be in Florida. Needless to say, the ride home will be extremely long and sucky but the few days in Florida will be great. I get to see Mar!

I uploaded some pictures to Flickr, check em out.

Do I live in NYC yet?

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This week has been pretty busy; homework, stressing about homework, school and work. My internship/exhibition is also coming to a close, so things with that have gotten pretty crazy.

Jack came over to the cities on Thursday and we went to eat with Allie and Josh at Punch then to Sebastian Joes for ice cream and scrabble. After food we came back to the apt, spent some quality time with the TV and went to bed.

This morning we went and dropped off jack’s car at his uncles, went to breakfast at Sunny Side Up cafe then I dropped him off at the airport. He’s on his way to Florida for spring break. Tonight, I went into work at Apple to cover for someone until 10:00. After work Alyssa, Jake (brother) and PJ came over and we played some rounds of Mario Kart. They went home then I went to meet Ben and Emily at Muddy Waters cafe. We stayed there until about 1:00.

Oh, Meg and I also purchased tickets to Florida today. We’re flying out on the 29th and then driving Mar’s car back home, that’ll be an interesting trip. I’ve never liked much riding/driving a car, I guess it’ll be an adventure.


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Whew, what a whirlwind trip to NYC.

My mom came down to the cities on Wednesday then my roommates and I went to eat at Buca. It was delicious as usual.

Thursday morning my mom, Tara and I flew out early in the morning at 7:00. Meg brought us to the airport, which was nice. Our flights went well, nothing overly exciting. We had about an hour and a half layover in Milwaukee. Once we got into NYC Tara left to find her friend Emma who lives in Brookyln and my Mom and I trekked to the hotel.

We stayed at the Shelburn Murray Hill, it has just recently been remodeled, so it was super nice. It’s about 4 blocks from Central Station, so we rode the subway the whole time, even though my mom complained every day about her feet hurting from walking so much haha.

After finding the hotel and getting situated we took a trip to Century 21 discount department store to find some bargains. There was definitely some good stuff, I ended up getting a Ralph Lauren trench for pretty cheap and a silly purple polka dotted bowtie. We meandered around Union Square for a bit then went to eat at a really tasty pizza spot.

Friday was filled with all things Parsons. We went and first had an information session about The New School and such. For those that don’t know, Parsons The New School for Design is part of The New School system in NYC which all-in-all has about 10,000 students. Parsons itself is the largest in the system with about 4,000 and within the BBA program a couple hundred.

We also got a tour of one of the building in Greenwich and housing. The one housing building we toured was all right for being dorm-style, though I don’t know which one I’ll be in. The school though, is so perfect, exactly what I want. It’s basically the BS program at MCAD but with more students, in a better city, and part of a larger school system. (I should finally be able to take my French classes, since I can take classes at any of the New School colleges)

I also found out that I was accepted, so NYC next fall it is! Tuition is a couple thousand more than MCAD and housing quite a bit more, but I’ll just have to do what’s necessary because there is no way I’m not going. They accept up to a sophomore transfer, so some might say that I wasted the last year at MCAD but I do like my classes right now and am actually learning something; so nothing much wasted besides time.

Saturday we got up and went to meet Tara at the Tokidoki store opening in SoHo. The store is super cute, it was tiny. It was Tara’s best day of her life, Simon (the creator) was there and he drew her a drawing, doodled on a munny doll, signed something and took some pictures.

After Tokidoki, we shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped. I’d say we went to about every major shopping street south of 42nd. We ended up in the Meatpacking area where we ate some dinner then parted with Tara. We made one stop at Barneys Co-Op then headed back to the hotel to drop off our purchases and rest for a bit. Then we made a little trip over to the Rockefella center where we went to the “Top of the Rock” observation deck thing on the 70th floor. It was the one touristy thing we did, it was a nice view of NYC. We stopped at Magnolia bakery on the way back to the hotel.

This morning we got up nice and late and lounged around the hotel for a bit before checking out at noon and making our way to the airport. I’m now on the plane to Miluwakee, we’ll have a 20 minute layover there, then should be back in Minneapolis at 5:00.

Yuck, I’ve got homework to do tonight. Not in the mood.

UPDATE: It’s now Monday night, I spent Sunday after we got back doing homework until about 2:00. Gross.

Also, pictures are on Flickr, check it out!

Ladies Luncheon

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Saturday, Sara’s friend Kristi Roby was down here so we went to eat at The Bad Waitress then took a trip to the mall. Such a bad decision, I forgot how horrible it was on the Weekend, especially a Saturday. I picked up a cardigan I’ve been wanting for a long while from Club Monaco. It was originally $140, but I’ve watch is keep going down in price so I managed to get it for $30 after my student discount. Yee. I was also going to pick up some moisturizer, I’m about out, but have yet to decide on which to get. I’ve been using Clinique M-lotion, but I think I’m ready to try something new. Perhaps I’ll look while I’m in NYC, one less thing to pack.

Yesterday, Jamie had us all over for a Ladies Luncheon (yes, I’ know I’m not a lady, but it wasn’t a gender specific luncheon. We just liked to call it a ladies luncheon) It was nice and relaxing/fun. We had all sorts of food: trout frittata, brie/salmon/asparagus finger sandwiches, edible fruit arrangements, candied lemon cupcakes, cookies, radish/cucumber cream cheese finger sandwiches, eggplant/tomato/mozz mini pizza sandwiches, and gluten-free lemon cake. So much good food. Alison, Tara and I were there from about noon until 5.

The rest of the night was spent doing homework that was put off because of all the fun weekend events. We took a trip over to the U for some dinner on Sunday, went to Village Wok.

My mom and I leave for NYC on Thursday, yee! I have yet to hear if I’ve been accepted yet, though I have hopes that I’ll find out before we leave. We’ll see…

Check out my Flickr for some pictures.