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the monotony continues

Posted in cooking, food, Hannah Montana, journal, MCAD, Parsons, school, Spring, Work by moesker007 on April 29, 2009

I applied for Parsons housing, woo. 20th street is my first preference, double room. It’ll be a shared suite with another room that shares a kitchen and bathroom, we shall see how that works out.

Tuesday morning, Ben and I made some pancakes for breakfast, then I had to dart off to work at school. Work was nothing special, lots of data entry and a few tours. After work, I came home and made indian tacos for dinner, they turned out pretty well actually; exactly what I’ve been craving.

The rest of the night was spent scrambling to do homework that was due Wednesday. I had to design a production calendar for magazine class and write a paper for Jerry’s class. I’ve also been putting off my semester long project for that class for the last few weeks. It’s due next week, I have no idea what I’m going to do or how it’s going to get done. barf. barf barf.

Oh yeah, Monday I got my final grade for my business class, since I presented my final the week before. I got a solid A, hopefully it creates a pattern for the rest of my grades.

Wednesday I had class in the morning then again in the afternoon. We got done with my afternoon class early, so I went home and lounged around for a bit and waited for Benjamin to get done with class. Ben, Katelyn, Aubrey and I went to the Twins game that night. MCAD got us tickets, and it was dollar dog night. We took the bus and train, which meant it took a while to get back, we probably got home around 11:00.

Thursday was Dining our for Life, so Sara, Alison, Jamie and I went to the Mayday Cafe for breakfast/lunch where Ben and Aubrey were volunteering. I had a delicious bacon quiche. Ben and Sara always complain how mundane my blog is, Ben actually predicted that I’d say what I ate and mention how delicious it was. Good call, sir.

That afternoon Aubrey, Ben and I went to the Hannah Montana movie again, it was just as good as the first time. After the movie, Ben, Emma and I went to the Uptown Diner for some milkshakes/snacks. That night, Sara, Alyssa, James and I went to half priced apps at Applebees too. I had a banana dessert shooter that tasted like it was pure banana flavoring; not so good.

Friday morning Ben and I had some bacon, egg bagel sandwiches for breakfast then I did a lot of nothing on the couch/tried to get some homework done. Sarah, Alyssa and I went to Cupcake to try and get some homework done/have lunch but nothing too productive got accomplished.

Emily and I went to Mickeys Dining Car in St. Paul for dinner (I think that’s the place where the Mighty Ducks ate?). We stopped by Emily’s sisters for a bit then came back to the school to get ready for the CMYK roller skating ball. For those of you that don’t know, CMYK is a printing standard that stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Emily, Katelyn, Alyssa and I went to the roller skating rink a little after midnight and skated alllll night, we left around 2:00. Srsly, so much fun

Yesterday I tried to accomplish homework during the day, though nothing too productive got done. I worked from 4:00 – 10:00 then Jamie, Alison, Jake, Jordan and I went to Pizza Luce for some dinner then Sara, James, Jordan, Alison and I went to Sebastian Joes for some ice cream.

For some reason, I woke up at 6:00 this morning and haven’t really been able to get back to sleep. Today I’ve got to get some work done, and that’s about it. This week are my last Magazine and Human Factors classes. I have NO idea what I’m doing for my semester long project I should have been working on for Human Factors. I basically haven’t started it yet… gross.

I’ve got an updated transcript transfer evaluation from Parsons, so i’ll be having about 41 credits transfer which is pretty good; better than I was expecting. Benjamin got the RA position for next year, so now I’m just trying to figure out what is happening with summer. Hopefully Ben will stay and I won’t have to worry about having to move someone else in. We shall see how it works out soon enough, school is done on the 12th.

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coming to an end.

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School is coming to an end, we’re done May 12th. Yessss. Summer will be spent in Minneapolis, we shall see how that goes, I’m staying so I’ll hopefully be able to transfer to an Apple Store in NYC. I’m still not sure exactly what is happening with the apt, Alisha might be moving in, Ben might be staying, I don’t know.
Ben and I have been cooking lately; yesterday he made chicken curry for dinner then we made a key lime pie from scratch. Both were amazing, it was my first time trying curry and it was reallllly good. We’ve also made some Thai Peanut noodles, savory chicken pancakes, black bean tacos, and tater tot hot dish recently. Basically we’ve just been cooking lots, it’s nice.
This weekend I was somewhat bitter and crabby, but it was Miranda’s birthday party on Friday night and Tara’s on Saturday. Emma and I bounced around the city on Friday, went to Punch pizza for $3 pizza and searched out a superhero costume for Miranda’s party. Saturday I was SUPER crabby in the morning, we went to The Cheesecake Factory for breakfast/lunch then I worked all day. Emily and I went to the Uptown Diner after Tara’s party for some food where I finally got less crabby.
As you can see from the picture, I officially turned in my MCAD Withdraw form and will not be coming here next fall. As you would also guess, I also sent all my stuff into Parsons and paid my tuition deposit. All that’s left is to apply for housing and pack! I’m getting excited about it now, it’s going to be good. Sara is also transferring so I won’t be totally alone.

Bolger Printing

Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on April 22, 2009

Last night I went to Spyhouse and got some stuff done with Sara, Marissa and Emily. Ben stopped by after class too. After coffee, Ben, Emma and I went to the movie Knowing. I’d say the first…half hour was pretty good then it got really stupid. Don’t see it, it’s a waste of money. (luckily it was $5 movie night at Southdale)

This morning Emma, Alyssa and I went for Breakfast at French Meadow then headed to Bolger Printing. It’s an offset printing house here in Minneapolis that we went on a field trip to for my magazine class. Besides having a tacky logo, and some crazy staff, it was actually pretty cool. They are the only company in North America that has this special type of printer that will print both sides at the same time. Woooowwwww.

This afternoon Chris, Lauryl and I headed to the Mall of American for our other class, Human Factors. We went early and had some Panda Express for lunch and shopped around for a bit. We realized it was pointless for us to be there, so left after out teacher talked to us for a while.

I met Sara, Alyssa, Alison, Jamie and Jordan at The Purple Onion and we went to lay out in the sun, hula hoop, and enjoy summer. Now I’m at home, figuring out my life and such.

That’s all for now…


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Lots to write about…probably won’t write everything I want.

I skipped class on Wednesday and took the voyage home. I FINALLY had a dentist appointment for one of my crowns on Thursday. I stopped in Superior on the way back to visit Amy. We played some intense games of raquetball, god do I miss that. I won. HA.

When I got into town I picked up Rissa and we were going to go to the Pub for some late dinner but it was CLOSED at 10:30. UGH. So instead we got five dollar foot-longs from Subway, since it’s the only thing open in that damn town besides Country Kitchen.

That night I made some coconut cupcakes from the Martha Magazine for a cupcake exchange I was planning on going to with Alison. They turned out quite nice.

Thursday morning I picked up some stuff from Allie’s house for her then went to the dentist. They were running like 45 minutes late, which kind of sucked. Immediately after the dentist I met both grandmas, grandpa bob, and my mom at Chinese. Yum, it was a feast.

I jetted out of town after lunch, and made it back just in time to frost the cupcakes. Benjamin and I picked up Alison then went to the exchange. There were tons of good cupcakes, it was really fun; something I will definitely need to do again.

Friday I worked from 1:00-10:00, it was quite the long shift.

Saturday I worked at school for Experience MCAD day from 9:00-4:00 then worked at Apple from 4:30-10:00. Talk about a long day…I was happy for it to be done.

Sunday, was a day of relaxing and homework. Ben and I took a side trip to a funny little theater in New Hope, MN where we watched the new Zac Efron movie, 17 again. I was pleasantly surprised, it was pretty good.

Yesterday I had my busy day that consisted of class and work. Bah, I can’t wait for those to be done.

This morning I was supposed to work at Apple from 8:00-11:00 but woke up at like 6:00 because my stomach wasn’t feeling too good. I ended up staying in bed until noon, then went into work at the School for about an hour only.

It’s Earth Day today, meaning MCAD put on a little event where I had some free dinner. I also went to Ben and Jerry’s twice for their free cone day. Emma and I hung out for the majority of the day; played a little bocce ball, took a trip downtown.

Parsons, Parsons, Parsons.

It’s official, I’ve made a decision. I will be starting as a sophomore at Parsons: The New School for Design next fall. I’m sending out my tuition deposit this week sometime, then will apply for housing. Excitement.

easter bunny

Posted in Easter, journal, MCAD, school, Spring by moesker007 on April 13, 2009

I tromped on over to Weston last weekend to have Easter with The Buckallews and grandma and grandpa.

The voyage there was… interesting. I worked until 5:00 at Apple on Saturday morning, then headed out. I ended up missing the ONE exit I needed to take, and wound up going on about a 2 hour detour, turning the 3 hour trip into a 5 hour one. It’s the firs time I’ve ever legitimately not went the correct direction for a substantial amount of time.
I got there around 10:30, parked in the driveway, and locked my keys in the car. Ugh. The police ended up coming over and popped open the door for me, thank goodness.
Oh, I also forgot my toothbrush.
Sunday morning we looked for easter baskets, went to church, came back to the house and had some tasty food, played with the kids for a while then I headed off back to Minneapolis at 5:00.
I got back here and had to do some substantial homework for class this morning, but managed to get it all done. I just presented on how I organized things, and it actually went fairly well.
I’m running home after class this Wednesday for a dentist appointment on Thursday, I’m finally getting a crown on the tooth I had a root canal on. Thank goodness.

Hannah Montana: The Movie

Posted in Hannah Montana, journal, MCAD, Spring by moesker007 on April 10, 2009

Ben and I went to the midnight showing of Hannah Montana: The Movie last night.

I hate to admit it…but it was good, really good.

There were so many screaming pre-teen girls in that place, tromping around with their blackberrys, coach bags, uggs, sweatpants, edina swag, and their parent’s credit cards that is made me want to barf.

Ben and I were the oldest ones there that weren’t parents.

It was a good time.

Back to the Gr(sickofthis)ind

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Meg and I made it back in one piece! The drive home was pretty uneventful but still a nice getaway from the Midwest. I pretty much drove all day on Wednesday, we made it to St Louis around 3:00 am and crashed at a Days Inn. Thursday morning we woke up and went up to the top of the St Louis Arch, then continued the trek home. I think it was around midnight when we got home.

The trip did, however, reaffirm my belief that if you must go anywhere that is more than 9 hours away, it’s not worth it to drive; they invented airplanes for a reason. I can understand if there is a need to drive somewhere (like mar’s car home, or a uhaul, or what have you) but it makes absolutely no since if you just are driving because it’s “cheaper” then flying or something like that. Time is money, don’t waste it sitting in a car.

I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. BAH! It actually wasn’t too bad, I suppose it helps that I love my job (even if i complain about it sometimes). Benjamin also came home Sunday, I picked him up at the Amtrak at about 8:00 am Sunday morning. He has handsome new glasses, and also had a new phone…until it got stolen while on the train. That would suck, he just got it a few days ago but I guess it’s getting replaced soon.

We also had to tear down the exhbition on Sunday which SUCKED. Ugh, we took all the projects down and primed the walls. Waste of my time. Thank god that “internship” is over, I’m so sick of selling the BS program to people. It’s not that it’s a bad program, it’s great for many people, I’m just tired of blabbing about it.

This morning I had zero desire to go to class, so I didn’t. It’s the first time this year that I’ve simply skipped a class becuase I didn’t want to go. It was amazing. I loved it. I worked at 1:00 until about 3:30, went to the library and read/wrote a paper before night class, came home ate dinner then sat through night class. As always, it was amazingly boring. We had a 2 hour long speaker on ethics, lame.

The Hills new season premier tonight with back-to-back epidoes of juciy drama. It was so good. Ben also made some delicious black bean tacos for us…they were sooooo good.

I’m not just trying to go to sleep since I work at 8:00 AM TOMORROW? Ugh, since when do I get scheduled at that time, let alone on a weekday, and for only 3 hours. Silly.

OH! I also got my financial aid stuff back from Parsons, my package was very similar to last years which makes me very happy as it’s quite good. All that’s left is for me to negoatiate with them transfer credits, then I’ll be all set. Excitement! It’s been getting worse lately, I’m sick of Minneapolis and mostly sick of MCAD. Time for a change. I also randomly thought about how I wanted to go to Boston and become an architecht when I was little. Maybe I’ll fall back on that plan is NYC doesn’t work out. That or French Clinary school. Who knows, who knows…

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