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Posted in journal, NYC, Parsons, Summer, Work by moesker007 on May 29, 2009

I haven’t had to work much the last few weeks, it’s been awesome.

Lots of coffee shops and restaurants.

Lots of Emily Reilie, Benjmain Kjos, Aubrey Baarstad and Sara Mavec time.


I’ll be working more starting next week, time to pay off that credit card before NYC.

NYC is beginning to make me nervous. I’m quite comfortable here in Minneapolis so it’s going to be quite the change. I’m mostly just nervous about the housing situation, I hope I get some good roommates; I’ve already had the experience of living with ones I don’t like (first semester MCAD barf). I’ve also been spoiled by Sara and Ben, two of the best roomies eeevvveerrrr.


Posted in MCAD, school, Summer by moesker007 on May 24, 2009
summer has begun, it’s great.

grades were posted last week.

end of school.

Posted in Ashland, journal, MCAD, Parsons, school, Summer, Work by moesker007 on May 16, 2009

No, I haven’t updated in a while.

MCAD is done, what a relief. Parsons in the fall.
I’m staying in Minneapolis this summer and working at Apple so I’ll be able to transfer to a store in NYC. Hopefully I’ll pick up some more hours; I’m sure summer/back to school will be busy. Alisha is moving into the apartment, and I think Ben is staying too. Well, I hope Ben is staying. I’m all about cheaper rent (and I’m gonna miss that fool if he doesn’t)
I went home for a couple days to get my crown finished and brought Alyssa home. She’s staying in Ashland for the summer then is off to London for fall. What a great excuse to visit, can’t wait. 
I’m almost done listening to the last Harry Potter book, it’s so good. I also went to Star Trek a few days ago, also so good. 
That’s all for now, just a quick update. Tomorrow, Ben and I are going over to Tim and Sarah’s for Lily’s first communion and Grace/Isaiah’s Birthday. I haven’t seen them in quite a long time, it’s a shame since we live so close to each other, it’ll be nice. My mom and grandma are coming down too.
Delicious. (because I can’t write a blog without this word somewhere)