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Yesterday we painted. Lots.

Ben, Sara and I helped Alison re-paint her apt back to white since she’s moving out. She painted the walls red, so it took 2 layers of primer and 1 of paint and still probably needs another coat. Alison paid us in Chipotle, which was unusually tasty.

The new season of the Next Food Network Star started a few weeks ago and I’m addicted. This week was pretty good, Debbie got hit in the face by a sheet pan that Michael was taking out of the oven. Drama. Teddy was the one that ended up going home, which was a relief; he’s fake. Jeffery surprisingly disappointed the judges with a poorly executed lobster pot pie, he’s one of my favorites for the win. Melissa won the challenge, she’s been getting better and better each week and is also one of my favorites. I can’t wait for next week.

Watching the Food Network lately and cooking has got me thinking that I might want to work there someday. Their head offices are in NYC. It’ll be something I explore once I get out there.

Although nothing is official yet, I also have an opportunity to go out to Cupertino, CA and work for 2 weeks to do some testing for Apple. I’ll know soon whether or not I’m going. I’d be leaving the 13th and coming back the 24th. All-expense-paid trip and two weeks of full time work, count me in!



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It’s been a long time since the last update, I know.

Surprisingly, summer has been fun in Minneapolis. I thought it would be lonely/dull but that hasn’t been the case. Ben and I have been busy cooking up a storm, cleaning and tromping around the city. If I could remember everything I’ve done for the past few weeks I would bore you all with the minute details, however there would just be too much to write.

I got the new iPhone, I was going to hold out and not get it but there was too much temptation. I really like it, I got the 32GB version so now it’s the same size as my full iPod; one less gadget I need. My mom is going to take over my old phone I think, another new toy for her. She recently got a laptop and digital camera and now she’s getting an iPhone. What a techno-mom.

The most recent cooking adventure was Thanksgiving in June. Ben and I made homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, brown-butter cauliflower and a whole turkey. It seriously was sooo good, things just taste better when you make them yourself. I’m making a turkey pot pie tonight with the leftovers, mmm. I’m going to miss cooking in NYC so much, I doubt I’ll have a nice kitchen/someone that likes to cook as much as Ben.

Ben, Emma, Millie (Emma’s friend from England) and I went to The Science Museum for the Titanic Exhibition which was really cool but definitely overpriced. They had tons of artifacts from the actual ship, including a piece of the actual wall that I wanted to touch so bad (but couldn’t). It was also the first time I went to the Omnitheater. It was pretty cool but the video they showed was filmed some years ago and I think I saw it before.

We also went to Mystic Lake Casino last Friday for Cosmic Bingo. It was really fun, I lost about 20 bucks all and all but it was a good time. I thought Pam was down here for work, but we didn’t run into her at the Casino and I don’t think her phone likes to work so she probably didn’t get my texts I sent her. Hopefully she’ll get an iPhone soon and join the clan.

Yesterday Ben and I cleaned the apartment for the majority of the day. We took a trip out and went to Cupcake for some cupcakes and coffee then did some tromping around the city for a while. Ben tried to duplicate a pasta from a restaurant in Minot for dinner, then some friends of his were coming to spend the night so we went out to Uptown Dinner and had some dessert.

I’ve got nothing new to report about NYC, still waiting to hear back on housing. Once I know what’s happening with that I’ll be able to figure everything else out. I’m starting to get nervous, I’m just realizing what a big change it’s going to be.

I uploaded tons of pictures from my SLR that have been on there for a while, lots of cooking stuff. You know where to find them. Flickr.

you’ll always find your way back home

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I took a trip home last weekend for Alyssa’s birthday and just to get away for a bit. It was a good few days, I left on Thursday and came back Sunday. Sara came up too so she rode back to Minneapolis with me.

I picked up MacBooks for both Tom and my Mom, they both really like them; also one of the reasons why I went home.

I basically just hung out and tromped around Ashland all weekend. Dad, Pam, Grandma and Grandpa left on Saturday for Ashley’s grad party in Kason, MN so Sarah and I met them at Tobies on the way back to Minneapolis on Sunday for lunch.

Apple’s WWDC was on Monday, meaning some great things got released. They updated/switched around the MacBook lineups, introduced the new iPhone 3GS, and detailed iPhone 3.0 software and Snow Leopard. I actually really like MacBook Pro updates, I’m considering getting one before Parsons; we’ll see. I also like the new iPhone a lot, but I don’t think that’s something I need right now.

I’ve been watching movie’s lot lately, most recently Changeling and Valkyrie. They were both really good. If I was staying in Minneapolis my next gadget purchase would be a nice TV, but alas, I’m not and don’t want to haul a TV to NYC.

That’s all for now, next update will have some photos.

apple apple apple 

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Friday 3:00 – 10:00

Saturday 1:00 – 8:30
Sunday 11:00 – 10:30

I’ve been at Apple lots this weekend, and I really liked it. I really do love Apple.

I also picked up a MacBook for both my Mom and Step Brother Tom. They were discounted pretty good, so it was a hard deal to pass up. Two new Macs, yee!

Our apartment is in summer-mode, meaning it’s a catchall for people to stay at. Ben, Sara, Alisha and I are officially living there (making rent pretty cheap). Aubrey has been staying over during her time between moving out of her old apt and into her new one, Emily stayed over a night, Sara’s friend stayed a night, and I’m sure there will be more to come.

I’m now just waiting to hear from Parsons about housing…

just waiting…

just waiting to see how broke I am going to be.

I’m going home this weekend for Alyssa’s Birthday/Graduation/Fun; a nice break from Minneapolis. I hope to have some lake time and sun. Yes, please.