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Mount Rushmore!

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Mount Rushmore!
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This place is neat.


Custer, SD

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Custer, SD
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Last night Benjamin and I made it to Custer, SD. We drove by a funny
little pie shop on the way in called The Purple Pie house. I had
bumbleberry pie (bluberry, apple, rhubarb an strawberry). It was so
good, with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream on the side. We got to
KOA around night fall and set up the tent. We got it from Cabellas on
the clerance rack for $15; good deal. We made some pizza sandwiches
over the fire for dinner then fell asleep.

Corn Palace

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Corn Palace
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Ben and I drove to Brookings, SD last night. We’re en route to Mt
Rushmore where we’re camping for 2 days. Right now we’re at the
"World’s Only Corn Palace". It’s this funny little place that is
decorated with ears of corn. Here’s a photo from the first palace,
constructed in 1892.

300 West 20th Street, New York NY 10011

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Security gaurs @ the front door lots of reasturants really close by starbucks a block away. Cop shop 1 block u r going to love the area so jealous” – Autumn (on her iPhone)

Autumn is in NYC right now and happened to be in Chelsea when I e-mailed her just to say hi. She walked by my apt and sent a photo.

still speeding through summer.

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Ben’s brothers came to visit last week, so I hung out with them and Ben a lot last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. We went to Valley Fair pretty much all day Monday, the Casino and Harry Potter opening on Tuesday and the Mall of America/Mini Golf on Wednesday.

I’m not sure if it was because I was super tired or it’s just how it was, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Harry Potter movie. It is an important plot developer, and I think if I seen it again I would like it more. As of right now, it’s not my favorite but I’m going to give it another chance and see it again.

Mini golf was great, I’ve been wanting to play for a while. Sky won both times we played, but I was a close second. There’s something about having to get that ball into a little hole in the ground while avoiding silly obstacles that is just so good. The Casino was fun, I only lost a couple bucks and had some good entertainment on the penny slots and bingo. Sara, Zach, James, Aubrey and the Kjos clan all went, the best part was probably the buffet.

I worked all day Friday and Saturday, both days were crazy busy. I can still say I enjoy my job, I really hope I’m able to transfer to an Apple store in NYC. I e-mailed the 14th street manager about it, hopefully it’ll all work out. I’ve just been getting stuff in order with all the forms I need to fill out and and such for school. I also paid tuition with help from Grandma and Mom. Without them I dunno how I would be going there next fall. Thanks so much!

That’s all for now, no new pictures on Flickr. I know, you must be so sad.

summer is quickly nearing the end

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This last week has been pretty relaxed, I only worked Monday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday, Sara and I ventured out to Albertville to pick up my Fossil bag that we got a gift card for as a replacement for the one Fossil couldn’t replace. While we were there, we stopped in at the Samsonite Outlet and I found a pretty good deal on 2 more pieces of luggage.

Wednesday I had my advising phone call with Parsons, so I got the classes sorted out I need to take and learned about to register and such. I also checked my account randomly and saw that I got charged for housing, yee! It’s the 20th street residences, which were the ones I was looking for. It’s mainly sophomore, junior and senior students and seems very new. I got a triple, meaning I’ll share a room with 2 others. It’s super close to the Apple store, so hopefully I’ll be able to transfer to that one. Exciting! Next, I’ve got to purchase some plane tickets.

This weekend my mom came down Saturday and we went to Cirque Du Soleil: Kooza with Allie and her Mom. The show was really good, definitely worth the expensive tickets and long wait (we bought them in January I think). Allie also bought my old laptop, so my mom brought my new one down with her. I got a new 15″ MacBook Pro, it’s been great thus-far.

Nothing much else has been happening, just lounging around and soaking up the summer downtime before the big move happens.

Independence Day

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I convinced Ben to come to Ashland for the 4th, so we left after I got done with work on Saturday around 5:30. We made it home a little after 9:00, ate some leftovers at my grandma’s then went to the fire run/fireworks. The fireworks were great, as always; so close to us that we were getting rained on with debris. This is also the last year that the Ore Dock will be around, meaning the last year of the echo. After the fireworks we went back to my grandma’s for a some s’mores then took a trip out to my dad’s. We finished the night with a trip to Wal-Mart and a stop at secret beach.

Saturday we got up early and met Bonnie at the Black Cat for breakfast. She was heading back to camp so I only got to see her for about a hour. We walked back up to my grandma’s where Ben and I won a vicious game of bocce ball. We had Pizza Pub for lunch then Alyssa, Marissa, Ben, Amy and I took off toward Bayfield. We were about 5 miles away when the Stratus gave out. It just stopped accelerating, so we managed to pull off the road to wait for people to save us. Sean and Grandpa and Dad and Pam and everyone ended up coming. We rode back to Ashland then hopped in Alyssa’s car and drove back to Bayfield. We went to the candy shop, tromped around by the lake and had ice cream.

We came back into Ashland and said hi/bye to Ashleigh quick then Ben and I had to go back to the Stratus to get Ben’s keys that he left in there then came back to Ashland and said goodbye. We stopped in Duluth at Little Angie’s for some chicken and shrimp fajitas and queso. I hadn’t been down in Canal park for a while, it was actually pretty busy.

We got back to Minneapolis pretty late, I just went right to bed since I worked at Apple this morning at 8:00. I ended up staying at work until 5:00, 5 hours more than I was expecting but it worked out pretty well. Ben had fun up in Ashalnd, I’m glad he came with. Now he can say he’s been to both Wisconsin and Ashland, how lucky.

I ordered a new laptop today, yee! Allie is taking my old one, so I get to use my once-a-year discount at Apple 🙂 It should get to Ashland before my mom comes down next weekend for Cirque so she can bring it down then. (The tax to get it shipped to WI is a lot cheaper than MN)

Also, if you didn’t figure out from the dead Stratus I have the Jeep back; I missed it!

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