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best. ever.

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they LOVE fashion.


nyc downtime.

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I only have a few free days left before school starts, AHH! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been here almost a week already, seriously can’t believe it. I’ve basically just been hanging out with Silvia, Ann and Sara and tromping around the city (and spending money). This is a good time to shop, end of season sales; it’s hard to resist. I picked up this charging station thing yesterday to bring some green to my room. It charges my phone and provides a home for my wallet and glasses at night, perhaps not the most NECESSARY purchase, but a good one none-the-less.

I got a phone call yesterday from my advisor yesterday with some good news, I don’t have to take English 1! Thanks goodness, so instead I’m going to pick up either Stats or Microeconomics. The only problem is there’s a hold on my account so I can’t add or drop classes until I get an immunization form turned in, bah! Classes start on Monday, so hopefully I’ll be able to get it all sorted out then so I don’t miss a class. I’ve also got to purchase my first real text book for my quantitative reasoning class, weird.

I’ve been figuring out the subway slowly but surely, it’s actually quite easy once you start using it. I’m doing a monthly unlimited metro card for $90, which I think is pretty reasonable; it’s less than I spent on gas while in Minneapolis. I’m also waiting to hear back from Apple, I really want to keep working with them so hopefully the 14th St store will hire me. I should hear back sometime next week. If not, I have no idea where I want to work.

That’s all for now, tomorrow is my last real day os summer! Ah!

5th ave and central park.

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5th ave and central park.
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Sara and I ventured up to Central Park where we enjoyed nature then
made our way to 5th ave where we did lots of window shopping. I got 2
shirts at Gant (70%off), one of which I need to exchange tomorow since
there was such a cluster of people downstairs in the sale section that
I ended up accidentaly buying the wrong shirt! Whoops!

We had some slices of pizza from this deli on wall street that we’ve
ate at before then went back to Sara’s where we met Ann and Silvia and
hung out for a while then watched Project Runway. We also watched some
great Rachel Zoe parodys on YouTube that I’ll link tomorrow, they are
super funny.

That’s all for now, if you haven’t noticed my grammar/formatting is a
bit different. It’s because I’ve been updating via my phone and e-
mail; I figure it’s the least offensive way late at night when Shane
or JB are sleeping.

P.S. Sara is wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs, it was really cute, at Saks.

MoMA and more SoHo

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MoMA and more SoHo
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Today, Sara, Silvia, and I made a quick visit to South Seaport before
meeting Ann for lunch at Chipotle. After eating we ventured up to the
Museum of Modern Art (which we get free admission too, score!) and
looked around for quite a while.

We then had some starbucks and headed to find a vintage store in SoHo
that Ann knew about. We met one of Silvia’s good friends there who is
going to film school in Harlem and is interning at some sort of film/
production place that does a lot of reality tv shows. After we met up
we walked toward Washington Square Garden and had some cupcakes from
Crumbs bakery (sooooooo good). We then had some dinner a Cosi after
the sweets and talked for at least 2 hours. I got back to my apartment
and just talked/hung out with Shane for a while and now I’m offf to
bed. My hesistations about the city have almost all vanished, I’m
really enjoying it here. I guess that’s all for now, miss you all!

manhattan is the best.

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manhattan is the best.
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Today, Sara and I met with an advisor to go over some of our transfer
credits and get things sorted out, I think we succeeded (though I’m
not entirely sure yet). I’m going to meet again with sometime before
the end of the week. We also went to The Cupcake Stop, a mobile
gourmet cupcake mobile, and got free cupcakes for being one of the
first 500 to say joonbug.

We then met Silvia and tromped around Union Square and SoHo. I got a
couple new cardigans (one from Uniqlo and one from Topman) and new
glasses! They’re from Modo, who just opened their first retail store.
I tried on lots of pairs at different shops but ended up with these
that I’m really excited to get! Hopefully they’ll be ready early next

Sara and I then met Ann in Koreatown for dinner a a Korean reastruant.
It was super good, we had a cold beef soup called neng myun or
something like that. After, we went to a Korean bakery for dessert
that was just as good.

I applied at workstudy positions at the school, so hopefully I’ll hear
back from one of them. Sara grabbed applications for a few good retail
stores while we were out shopping too.

We also got a third roommate today, he’s really nice. I’m not really
sure how to spell his name so he said to just call him JB (he is also
Korean). He’s going to school for violin performance at Mannes.

That’s all for now, what do you think of the new glasses?

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Barneys Warehouse Sale
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Score! After orientation today (which, by the way was pretty
harmless) Sara, Ann, Simone and I went to get lunch at Cosi then
stopped at the Barneys warehouse sale. So many good things, it was too
much to handle! I picked up these great shoes for a steal, almost a
fourth of the original $400 price tag.

C:tAfter the sale we split up and I went to my Apple interview. Things
went well (I think) and I’ll hear back at the end of the week about
the deison. I REALLY hope it works out, it’s only about 6 blocks from
my apartment, an easy and quick walk. I went over to Saras after the
interview where me, Silvia and her grabbed a slice of pizza for dinner
then went back to her apartment to watch last weeks project runway.
After that I trekked home by myself on the subway and spent some
quality time with my computer.


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I made it to NYC. I’m typing this from the desk in my new room, crazy. Sara and I flew out at 7am this morning, and landed in New York at 10:30. Ben brought me to the airport at a bright and early 5:3am. Once we landed, Sara and I took a taxi to my apartment where Shane (my new roommate) was here unloading things with his mom. They helped me arrange my bunk/furniture a bit then we both split for lunch.

Sara and I went and checked into her apartment then went and ate at Swich, a sandwich place near her apartment. We braved the subway for the first time and took it over to Brooklyn to go to IKEA to get a few things for our places. It was super hot out and the subway took a while but we managed to get some things and back to my apartment in one piece.

I had a mandatory meeting with the people the moved into the building today, which was pretty unexciting. They had ice cream after for us which was motivation to get through the boring policies and protocol. It’s weird living in a “dorm” type of place, I’m not sure I like it yet. I’m actually quite uneasy right now, NYC is definitely a change. Thank god Sara is here.

I’ve uploaded some pictures of the apt on flickr, check em out.

Minot, ND

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Minot, ND
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Ben and I went to Minot last weekend for his friend Nikki’s wedding.
We actually were the DJ’s which turned out to be a lot of fun. Minot
is quite the interesting place, I actually quite liked it. (I could
never live there but it was fun to visit) Saturday was all wedding
stuff but we got to tromp around the city on Sunday. We drove to Fargo
on Sunday night then had to get up and leave at 4:30am Monday morning
for Ben to get back to RA training in time.

This week I’ve just been moving, packing and cleaning. Only a couple
days left of Minneapolis, how weird. I’m actually at Spyhouse now, i’m
not going to miss their coffee but I will the coffee shop itself.
There was a crazy rainstorm/tornado today that touched down only a few
blocks from my apt. We were actually eating downtown when it happened,
and drove by where the majoory of damage was just moments after if
passed. It’s cleared up bow and is turning into a sunny day!

Julie & Julia

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Julie & Julia
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Ben and I went to the midnight shoeing of Julie and Julia on Thursday.
There were only probably about 10 other people in the theater haha.
The movie was really good, one of my favorires I’ve seen recently

Oh, also, Tara and I went to Orphan a few days ago which I thought was
going to be a cheesy/stupid movie but turned our to be pretty good.
Probably a movie i’d only want to see once, but good none the less.

That’s all for now.

Moving Mode.

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Since getting back from Mount Rushmore, I’ve basically been in moving mode. I’ve had the last 3 days off, so I’ve been helping Ben move into his new apartment. He’s living on campus as an RA, so he’s able to move in already. I’ve also been packing/moving my stuff . Alyssa came to visit/get some stuff done before she heads off to London and took a good load of my stuff home with her.

Sara and I went through my closet and got rid of tons of junk I don’t need, I’m gonna bring it home and see if Tom wants anything otherwise it’s getting donated. It’s somewhat gross to look at the amount of clothes I don’t like. Oh well, it feels good to get rid of that stuff.

It’s really somewhat nerve wracking to think I have a one way ticket to New York in 16 days. AHH! The Apple Store from out there contacted me back, I’ve got to do a phone interview then an in-person interview soon. Hopefully I’m able to transfer, I love working at Apple. Speaking of which, today is my last day at the Southdale store!

Nothing else too exciting to report, I didn’t meet my summer goal of paying off my credit cards… maybe someday.

Photos from South Dakota camping are up, check the flickr.