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Time flies, it’s already Thanksgiving. Crazy. I’m going to 2 classes tomorrow then flying out at 6pm from JFK, layover in MSP, arrive in DLH around 11pm. Yee.

Today Sara, Craig and I went to the Tyra show. Ooofta, that was quite the treat and quite funny. I’m not sure when the episodes air, but I’ll blog when I find out; don’t worry. Sara, Ehnee and I tromped around all say Sunday, as I had off. It was quite nice, we got up and went to brunch at Prince St Cafe then went shopping. I bought something from The Gap, weird. I actually had to order it online since I had a 25% coupon and free shipping, but usually nothing fits me nor do I like anything. We tired going to the MoMA for the Tim Burton exhibition but it was too crazy there, I’ll have to see it sometime after Thanksgiving.

That’s all I’ve got for now, can’t wait to see everyone at home!



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light speed.

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Time is absolutely flying by, it’s ridiculous. Between school and work, I’ve been crazy busy. Parsons has proven to give quite a large amount of coursework. I’ve never written so many papers, oofta. Not to mention, Apple has been getting increasingly busy with the Holidays, meaning I’ve been working as much as possible. Luckily I’ve been keeping up. I enjoy having so much to do. Being bored is not something I am fond of.

I can also now say that I am 100% comfortable in NYC. I know my way around, know of some good spots to eat, know where to shop, when to shop, know how to get around, yadayada. There are still tons of places and things I want to experience while here, a list must be made. Like I’ve said before, it’s going to be quite hard leaving this city. It’s truly one of a kind.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, can’t wait to see everyone. I’m going to bring a suitcase full of stuff back, weird. It’s insane to think there’s only a little over a month until I’ll be back in Minneapolis. I’m regiesting for MCAD classes tomorrow, I have to decide between Graphic Design and Photography. I think I’m going to take a film photography course as a studio, it should be fun.

Sara, Craig and I are going to the Tyra show next Monday. Tyra is such a crazed women, I can’t wait.


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i’ve taken a liking to soda again, what a lovely shop. i must get to l.a.


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Derek photographs Sara.

Took a few midterms last week; hopefully they went alright. I think they did. Art history was probably the most challenging, I’m so bad at remembering dates and titles of art pieces. Bah!

It was also Halloween this weekend, a holiday that New Yorkers go all out for. I worked 1-10, but once I left work I discovered the streets were filled with people in costumes. Though it used to be my favorite holiday (my mom reminded me of this via skype) I now think it’s just silly. Seriously, it’s sorta ridiculous the time and effort grown adults put into costumes just to go and get drunk.I think it should be a holiday for the kids, they’re the ones who deserve to enjoy it. I saw THE cutest little girl dressed in as a cupcake at Chelsea Market. I just went to Sara’s and hung out with her, Ann and Craig for the night.

I mostly worked this weekend; Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but I liked it. I know I’ve said this multiple times but I seriously enjoy working at Apple so much. It’s silly how much I like it. We also made some food at Ann’s, chicken noodle soup, Halloween cookies, pancakes, etc. Check out the flickr for some photos.

Time is flying by, it’s already November, oy vey. I’ve been eating up NYC, tromping around as much as possible. This city is the best, it’s so great living here. I can’t wait to come back upon graduation. Knowing that I’m going back to MCAD next semester has made Parsons a bit better too, which is nice.

I recently re-read a paper I wrote about Angie Doerr, a B.S. graduate from MCAD. In it was this quote, something that makes me proud to go back to MCAD:

“I think that itʼs about two things. I dunno, itʼs like you can change you mind 17,000 times while youʼre in this program and itʼs still applicable. Like when I started, I was going to open a publishing company and now Iʼm so far from publishing itʼs quite possibly not even funny. But Iʼve still been able to stay happy with this and you can tailor it everyday if you have to. And another thing this program fits every job opportunity, everyday I make up a new title for myself and for what my degree is so we have a neat advantage as to how we learn to do whatever we want everyday and enjoy it.”

That’s all for now, check the flickr.