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Posted in internship, journal, Life, winter by moesker007 on January 31, 2010

I’m in Chicago for the weekend with Autumn and Robin for my internship, and it’s going really well. I haven’t been in this city for years and don’t remember it being so nice! Particularly the architecture, almost all the buildings downtown are gorgeous. I came early early Saturday morning and am leaving tomorrow at 4:30 to hopefully get back to Minneapolis for class at 6:30. I got to go to eat at a couple great restaurants here, saw The Bean and did some shopping on Michigan Ave. It’s been just an overall great trip. The hotel we’re at is very nice, a small luxury boutique hotel that reminds me of NYC. Working at the show with Getrags has been great, it’s exciting as 3 managers of the lines we rep are here so I’ve learned a lot.

I’m tromping up to Ashland after my Tuesday morning class to get my crown finished then will be back in Minneapolis Wednesday night. Things also seem to be working out for Vegas, I’ll be going there in a few weeks for another show, the 14th-18th.  Check out the video below and my flickr, added a few new photos.


what to do.

Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on January 27, 2010

Why are there so many things I want to do? I’ve been thinking a bit about what I really want to do/call myself upon graduation and I don’t know the answer. I want to live in NYC. I want to live in London. I want to be a buyer. I want to own a restaurant. I want to work for Apple. I want to travel. I want to go to culinary school. I want to speak French. I want to own a bakery. I want to own a business. There are too many things. I like being settled again back in Minneapolis, yet I don’t like being settled back in Minneapolis. I’m thinking of studying abroad in London next semester. I’m applying for a year long PR Apple internship in England. I miss NYC, I’m looking into buying internships there.

P.S. Apple announced the iPad today. No opinion on the name, but the device looks really slick.


Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on January 26, 2010

Back to Minneapolis, and it’s like I never left. I’ve been super busy either at school, work or my internship. I’m really enjoying working back with Autumn and Robin, this upcoming weekend they’re flying me to Chicago for a market. I think I’ve only been to chicago once, a long time ago so it should be fun!

This weekend Ben and I tackled Julia Child’s famous beef bourguignon recipe. It was quite a task that resulted in one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had. We cooked from 9:30 to 3:30 am then ate it the day after with a salad, bread and mashed potato/parsnips. We also went to a baking class at Kitchen Window in uptown where we learned to make a few different cakes, including the best chocolate cake and buttercream frosting I’ve tasted. It was a good weekend indeed, full of cooking.

back to mpls.

Posted in Uncategorized by moesker007 on January 11, 2010

Well, winter break has come and gone. I’m back in Minneapolis, at my new apartment. Allie and I are living together, we found a great place between Minneapolis and St Paul. It’s a two-bedroom condo, with an amazing kitchen. Allie came down with me last weekend and we got a few things moved in/situated. We still don’t have a couch yet, and my bed is still in Ashland but slowly but surely things are getting settled.

I started work again at the Southdale Apple and started an internship with Autumn and Robin. The Southdale Apple Store got remodeled right after I left last year, so it’s like a whole new store to me. I decided to drop my photography class and instead and doing the internship.

Other than that, nothing too exciting has been happening. I miss NYC already, that city is addicting. It is nice to be back in Minneapolis and at MCAD though, we’ll see how things work out this semester.