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Vegas, what a funny city. I was there last week from Sunday-Wednesday for my internship. Two really big markets were going on, PROJECT and MAGIC. The shows were really great, it was fun working for the different booths and showing the lines. I quickly learned a lot. Also, Audrina from The Hills was there with her line. I said hi; dream come true.

I got there on Sunday and stayed at Caesars Palace and the rest of the time at The Luxor. Both hotels were alright, but definitely not the best places I’ve ever stayed. As far as Vegas in general, what a fake city. I’m glad to have gone and hopefully won’t need to go back soon. It was really nice to get out of Minneapolis, it was a bit warmer out there.

Check the Flickr for some new photos, and  Ben’s Blog for a good laugh.


animated emma.

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a great short film, check it out.

intro to gd: typographic image

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the top image is my first attempt, the bottom is the final. it’s entirely made of letterforms. crazy.

dirty chai.

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dirty chai’s are one of my favorite drinks, chai lattes with as many shots of expresso as needed. yum. the past week hasn’t been too eventful, i worked at Apple for the first time in a long while. it was nice. things have just been busy between school, work and my internship. typical.

emma, nick, jake and i went to a fun dj/live screen printing party thing in northeast minneapolis last weekend. it was surprisingly enjoyable. ben and i went to a cooking class at williams-sonoma on sunday, we’ve got another one next week too.

i’m going to vegas for my internship on sunday and coming back late late wednesday night. i’ve never been to vegas, nor can i say i’ve ever expressed any interest in going there but it should be fun nonetheless.  i also got off work to go to nyc for my birthday, i’m going for the weekend of march 19th-22nd. it’s both sara and i’s birthday the week before so it’ll definitely be a good trip. jordan, james and aubrey are also joining us and maybe alison, zach and alyssa.

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