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check it, i’m in


nyc fun time.

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I just got back from a fun weekend in NYC, oh how I miss that place. I went out for a combination of both Sara and my birthdays, from Friday to Monday. I got there around noon and immediately met everyone at the Golden Unicorn for dim sum in Chinatown. I was surprised to see Aubrey there, who wasn’t planning on coming but showed up anyways! Jordan, Zach, and James were also all there from the midwest. The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, eating, drinking and having fun. It was such a great break from Minnesota. Internship interviews went well, I’m just waiting to hear back from them (fingers crossed).

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twenty-one years old.

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My mom came to visit last weekend, it was a fun long weekend with her. She came on Friday and left Tuesday morning. We shopped, ate, and hung out. It was a really good time, I’m glad she got to come down. Ben and I made her a birthday dinner on Sunday night, manicotti. mmm. We went bowling with Tim and Sarah and had some juicy lucy burgers Saturday. It was just a really fun weekend.

Last night was my birthday! We went to Brasa, a “premium rotisserie” for dinner which was quite tasty. There were about 8 of us, it is family style so we ordered a whole chicken, a half pound shoulder of pork and lots of sides. I had cheesy grits for the first time and I sorta fell in love with them. Overall, it is great place to eat. The night ended at Elsie’s bowling alley, too fun.

I’m leaving for NYC on Friday morning, more fun times! I have 2 interviews for summer internships at 2 great places that I will tell more about later upon hopeful success. I plan on having a great weekend. Food, drinks, and shopping. No stress, all fun.

p.s. spring is here.

long time, no post.

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lots going on, nothing monumental.

applied to a slew of summer NYC internships, but i wouldn’t be surprised if nothing pans out. i think i’d be alright with staying in minneapolis for the summer, though i wouldn’t turn down a good internship in the city.

i quit twitter, it’s annoying. this blog is also falling by the waste side, i’ll try hard to save it though.

it’s my 21st birthday in only 8 days, neat! i’m going to NYC the weekend of the 19th for is and sara’s birthday. i can’t wait, it’ll be nice to get out of minneapolis and have a seriously relaxing weekend.

my mom is coming to visit this weekend, i saw my dad and family a few weeks ago when i picked them up from their vacation to vegas too. rhonda and rachael are planning to come visit during my spring break (the last week in march). yay.

that’s all for now.