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class critique.

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it’s our second to last graphic design class, crazy. here are two poster designs, i’m going forward with the bottom one for a final iteration. yay.



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school is work. work is work. internship is work.

lots of work right now, but all the stuff i am happy doing. school is nearing the end, i’m done may 7th! things are almost all ironed out for the summer. i’ll be living with ehnee in her downtown luxury apartment on the 25th floor :). i can’t wait for summer nights on her roof deck, i expect lots of good food, friends and fun.

i’ll be working at Opening Ceremony tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 9am – 6pm and (hopefully) at Apple 2-3 days between friday and monday. i have a flight from msp to lga on june 2nd, it’s a one way so i’m not sure of my exact return date but it will have to be sometime before mcad starts again in the fall (august 23rd)

allie and i decided we are keeping our apartment on minnehaha through next year so i’m looking for someone to sublet (if anyone is interested) or i’ll just have to be paying rent here as well.

thoughts have been swirling around in my head what to do for my last semester (spring 2011). after next fall i will have all my required classes finished and only need an externship (long internship worth 15 credits) or a study abroad to graduate. lately, i’ve been considering a study abroad in either london, paris or new zealand. we’ll see how it all works, you’re only young once and must travel and experience as much as possible! if that doesn’t work, i’ll try to find an externship in nyc again.

that’s all for now.

p.s. tom get’s his license in a few days. how crazy is that, goes to show how old i am getting. scary.

final poster process.

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intro to graphic design, final project. poster design for the southern theater.

week 1 iteration.

internship finale.

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my internship with getrags is coming a close. i recently gave my final presentation to the mcad community. here are the slides i used, mostly images of what i did.

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time goes too fast

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Crazy crazy crazy, time is going much too fast. I haven’t updated in quite a while, sorry sorry. Life has been busy, school, internship and work blend together to make a non-stop schedule. I got some great news a few weeks ago, Opening Ceremony wants me as their summer showroom intern! Opening Ceremony, for those of you that don’t know, is a super great store/clothing line/showroom in SoHo. I start on June 7th, and will probably be in NYC for the majority of the summer up to school starting again in August. I’m so excited for this, it’s going to be a great place to work. They even have a French Bulldog that is usually around the showroom!

School has been going great, I’m so glad to be back at MCAD. Graphic Design is my one studio class, and it’s kinda been killing me. There’s so much work to do, it’s crazy. We’ve been working on a 5 week long logo redesign project that I have been hating. Luckily, the final logo was due last week and my professor said I got the second best grade in the class. I guess I must’ve done something right.

I got my registration materials for next semester, and it officially says I’m a senior! AHH! I just have to complete a 15 credit externship and 4 classes before I can graduate. Absolute silliness, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I’ve been out of high school.