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the jeep broke down a few days ago, it just wouldn’t start. luckily, allie used her aaa for me and we got it towed to a mechanic in our neighborhood. turns out the fuel pump died, sad. it should be fixed this afternoon, thank goodness.

yesterday allie and i enjoyed the beautiful summer day here in minneapolis by laying in the park all day. she had two finals to study for so we sat in minnehaha falls park all day on a blanket and soaked up the sun. i read an entire three-hundred page book, “la candy” by lauren conrad. it was a horrible book, never read it.

some classmates and friends of mine are in nyc right now pitching a new brand of underwear to investors which is quite exciting. they are having lunch with mtv communications now. way to go, makes me happy to go to mcad.

everything is secured and set up for nyc. i’m starting at apple on the 5th of june and will be working about 30 hrs/week there. allie is coming to visit the week after i get there. i’m going home to ashland the last weekend of may then leave for nyc on the 2nd.  it’s going to be a busy (and fun) summer!

graphic design – final poster.

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graphic design is officially over! surprisingly, i’m somewhat sad it’s done. even though it was an enormous amount of time and work, i grew to enjoy it over the semester. my teacher must have liked my stuff, he sent me this email before class:

You have been selected as one of a few people who are on my list
for project documentation. So to that end, could you bring ALL of your
work to class in the original(final) digital files. Please be sure to
include all links—photographs and fonts—that support the file.”


business cards.

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going to print soon. yes?

in case you’re wondering what i’m doing this summer…

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this about sums up Opening Ceremony. click play!

Thirty Days NY Artist Series: Opening Ceremony from Thirty Days NY on Vimeo.