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spotted on the oc blog.

Posted in fashion, internship, Life, NYC, opening ceremony, Summer by moesker007 on June 9, 2010

i spotted myself on the opening ceremony blog today, click the link to see all the pictures from the chloe sevigny presentation.


back to the city.

Posted in fashion, internship, journal, Life, NYC, opening ceremony, Summer by moesker007 on June 9, 2010

how great, i’m back in new york! i started my internship yesterday and apple on sunday. both are great, i love working with opening ceremony. yesterday was the presentation for the new chole sevigny collection; models, make up artists and hair people took over the showroom, it was a hectic but fun first day.

before i started work emma, ehnee, ruth and i took a trip to coney island which was fun but probably the most trashy place i’ve been in a long time. it’s like a wisconsin trailer park on the beach, but i’m glad we went. that night we went out and had a good time exploring the lower east side. i don’t think we got to bed until around 4!

i posted some pictures to my flickr, be sure to check them out!

thomas pink. free.

Posted in fashion, journal, Life, NYC by moesker007 on October 22, 2009

Thomas Pink was giving away free “custom” dress shirts today. Sara and I waited in line for about 3 hours before managing to get measured for a shirt. Unfortunately, “custom” in this sense just means someone measures your neck so you have the “right” size. Of course, as you all know, I’m a tall skinny guy so a normal size will not fit. Oh well, I have a free 15″-neck button down white poplin shirt being FedEx’ed to my apt for free. We’ll see how it fits, I’m sure it wont.


Posted in fashion, journal, Life, MCAD, moving, NYC, Parsons, school, Work by moesker007 on September 15, 2009

I haven’t updated in a while, mostly because I’ve been waiting for all sorts of web server stuff to switch over with my domain since I switched over to wordpress. Anyways, nothing too exciting has been happening. I’ve been working a ton and obviously going to classes.

Sara got us a good opportunity last weekend to work Ra’mon Lawrence’s fashion show. He’s a designer on the current season of Project Runway. We mostly just helped with backstage stuff like taping shoes, steaming, organizing, etc. I worked the door for a while but we both got to go in and watch the show when it started. Some of his pieces were pretty great, others not so much. It was a fun time and good experience, something I wouldn’t mind doing agian.

Work at Apple is great, as usual. I still love Apple products, I still love the Company, and working at the store here on 14th street is superb. I’ve got almost 40 hours in the past week and a half, so I’ve definitely been busy.

The only thing that I’m not sure about is school. Last year, Parsons seemed like the right choice. Now, I’m second guessing that decision. The classes I need to take before graduation here are basically things I’ve already learned from MCAD. I don’t want to waste time taking classes about concepts that I’m already very familiar with. I’m in a “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone” type of situation. I miss the small classes and community of MCAD, something I took for granted while there. The BBA program here at Parsons is basically just a larger, worse structured version of the BS program at MCAD. I’m also not enjoying my living situation, it works as a place to sleep, but I want more than that. I don’t like sharing a room with 3 people or a bathroom and kitchen (stove top and counters, no oven) with 5 people. I’ve been weighing the pro’s and con’s of moving back to Minneapolis, and have decided that I’m going to return to MCAD next semester (spring).

Talk about a hard decision.

It’s going to be hard to leave NYC behind though. I truly love the city. I’m also worried about what is going to happen with Apple, as I don’t know if it’s going to be possible to transfer back to a Minneapolis store. It’ll be nice to have Minneapolis friends around again, I miss them all.

Hopefully things will work out, they always do.

best. ever.

Posted in fashion, funny, The Rachel Zoe Project, video by moesker007 on August 29, 2009

they LOVE fashion.