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last year.

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summer has officially come and gone. school starts next monday, my last year at mcad. i just returned from a quick trip to vegas. though i’m 21 now, i still don’t think it’s that great of a city. before vegas ben and i took a trip to ashland. my aunt and little cousins were home too, it was great seeing everybody.

it’s a bit scary to think that i’ve only got one year left before i’m set into the real world. i’ve had one of the most fun summers this year in nyc. working at apple and opening ceremony kept me busy, but it meant when i did have time off i made sure to have fun.

as far as what’s to come… who knows.


chinatown nyc.

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billy’s bakery, better than magnolia.

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i’ve watched some good movies the last few weeks. you should too.

  • toy story 3
  • inception
  • remember john
  • a single man

exclusive. the standard.

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movies in the park.

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time has been flying this summer. between apple and opening ceremony, i’ve been going non-stop. emma and her fellow intern val, me, and a friend from apple, brandon, braved the crowd in bryant park yesterday and watched a movie on the lawn. it was a fun time, it felt like we weren’t in manhattan.

tonight, emma and i went to our first restaurant week reservation at mr. chow. it is a beautiful little spot in tribea, very trendy and luxurious. we had a three course prix fixe menu that included a delicious filet mignon, prawns, appetizers, and dessert of ice cream and sorbet. what would have normally cost hundreds worked out to just around $100 for the two of us, what a deal. we have reservation at le cirque for next week, that should be quite the experience.

emma and i have our days packed and planned up until she leaves on august 3rd. we’re going to squeeze as much stuff as we can into the time before she leaves.

that’s all for now.

new home.

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playing hookie.

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iphone four. heavenly.

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the new iphone 4 launched today, and oh-my-god is it lovely. i stopped by the apple store this morning to pick up my 32gb reservation and i can’t be happier! unfortunately, during the process of purchasing the phone, it turned out that i wasn’t eligible for the full upgrade pricing of $299 so i had to pay a bit more but it is 100% worth it. the phone is beautiful and i use it more than any other gadget in my life.

new york has been taking a rather large bite out of my wallet, opening ceremony and a.p.c. are both having sales which i’ve visited on multiple occasions over the past week. not only that, but i forgot how much it costs to eat/drink here. luckily i’m with apple still and have some source of income!

a random tidbit from last week while at jack spade. their photographer was in the store and took my information and some headshots to send to corporate for them to potentially use me in their next look book. that sure would be interesting, i definitely don’t see myself as model, let alone the jack spade type. i did, however, find the BEST grey crew neck sweatshirt on sale at the store.

my internship was crazy on tuesday but has been fairly slow the last two days. the other intern and i packed 16 suitcases to send with two of the sales reps to paris. they’re in france for the paris markets and wont be back until next tuesday which explains the downtime at the showroom lately. when they get back, it should be crazy again as we will be casting and shooting the next mens look book. hopefully all goes well, i should be able to help style the shoots and such.

i’m going to be moving into my friend craig’s apartment next month because ann has her mom and a friend coming to stay for the majority of july. he lives across the street from the big macys in herald square on 34th street. i can’t say i’m looking forward to dealing with the the tourists everyday though, at least i barely had to contact them while down here in the financial district.

the summer has been going fast. crazy fast. most nights emma, craig, ruth, ehnee or i hang out and the days are filled with work; six days a week usually. starbucks keeps me going (thanks dad for the gift card)! i’m in a bit of disbelief that i only have two semesters of school left. talk about scary.

that’s all for now.

brooklyn flea.

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