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Back to the grind..

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on July 6, 2008


Yet again, it’s been a while since my last blog. It’s hard to keep this up in the summer as the weeks are filled with work and the weekends with having fun. This week was all about prepping for the 4th.

Tuesday I tried to bring the camper down to the campground for the Buckallew’s and their Friend’s (Lisa, John and Jake) to stay in but there were no spots open. Luckily, an old couple saw me driving around looking for a spot and offered theirs to us if we could go get it the next morning after they left.  So, Wednesday morning I got up around 8:00 and hauled the camper down to the spot. It worked out perfectly; they even put up a little “in use” sign when they left so no one else would take it. After I got the camper all set up down there I headed into work, I made it there around 9:30. 

Thursday I took off from the Pizza Pub and a half day at Bretings. Grandma and grandpa were back home from Wausau and so was Sharron (my grandma’s sister) and my cousin Erica.  The Buckallews and their friends were also home. We just hung out at the camper and took a trip to the Pub for dinner. It was very nice.

Friday was the 4th of July. Happy 232nd (I think) Birthday USA!  It was a great day, super fun. We all went to the Parade then had lunch at the camper. Grandma made some SUPER tasty BBQ’s.  After lounging on the beach for a good amount of time I had to go to work. Luckily it went fast, I worked from 5:00-8:00 and it was with Amy so it was actually kind of fun! After work I went back down to the camper then we watched the fire run and fireworks. Even grandma came to the fireworks! The works this year were pretty good, a little drawn-out but the finale was great. I’m going to miss that Ore Dock echo; I’m not sure how long it’s going to stay up! After the Fireworks Amy, Alyssa and I met Bonnie and some people out at the Hudak’s for some more fireworks. I mangaged to go to sleep around midnight, I think.

Saturday I got up and The Buckallew’s Friends were already gone and grandma and Rhonda had the camper all cleaned up. I drove down to the lake and picked up the camper then brought it home. It was so great having that camper spot for the 4th, it worked out perfectly! After I got ready, I met the Buckallew’s and we went down to Buddie’s for lunch. We walked around downtown for a bit then Jack, Alyssa, Jake (Alyssa’s brother) and I went out to Jack’s cabin to lounge around on the pontoon.  We sat out on the lake for a bit then came back in and Jack cooked us some dinner. He made me a steak, which was actually pretty good. I haven’t ate a steak in a longggggggg time. After Jack’s cabin I came back into town then Me, Mutty and Amy drove out to Grand View for their fireworks. They are always so good, and it was no different this year. We met Alyssa, Mar, Allie, Josh, Ben, Mary, Jasmine, Brent and Brendan out there. After the fireworks Amy, Chelsea and I went to Allie’s cabin for a bit for some fire-action then headed home. I got to bed before 2:00 I think.

Now, I’m sitting in the Minneapolis Airport waiting for the fam jam to land from Seattle. Hopefully they had a good time, according to their blog it seems like it! I headed out of Ashland today around 9:00 then stopped at my apt to drop of an amazing counterstop/storage thing that grandpa made for my kitchen. Now I’m just waiting at the baggage claim for them to arrive, after this we’ll probably stop at Rosedale Mall then head back to Ashland.

P.S. I uploaded some pictures to my Flickr, here’s the link.