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They’re off to Washington

Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 29, 2008

Well, it’s been a week again…and basically the same stuff has happened. I’ve worked and that’s about it lol. Friday, after work, Alyssa dropped me, Amy and Ashleigh off about 10 miles away from her cabin and we were going to bike there because the road is really hilly so we thought it would be a good ride. About 3 miles in and it started pouring, so luckily alyssa came and picked us up. We didn’t have our cell phones nor would have we had any service but it worked out.

Once we got to the cabin we realized that the mile or so long road to get to the cabin was in really bad shape, like the truck was spinning out a bit so we decided to call Bonnie and Chelsea to tell them that we would pick them up at the end of the road. We made tacos for dinner and just hung out at the cabin. We couldn’t really do much though, seeing as it was raining the whole time, so no fishing or kayaking or paddle boating for us. 

I got some good news from Parsons… my financial aid package rocks. Even though it’s for 2008-2009, my 2009-2010 package should be the same/very similar. My merit scholarship is over double from MCAD’s. YEE! One step closer to NYC, there’s only one thing left to do; go look at it. As long as it seems to be worth transferring to, it looks like it might be a go!

Yesterday I dropped off Dad, Pam, Tom and Matt at the Airport. They are going out to Washington for a week. It was a long ride to Minneapolis haha but we made it there. I definitely miss the city, but I will be back there soon enough. I got a few sweet things on sale at Patena, and that’s about it.

Other than that nothing too terribly exciting has been happening. The girls are back from Washington (Bonnie, Alycia, Chelsea and Maria). The Buckallews are coming home for the 4th and I’ve got to bring down our camper to the lake sometime this week as they are gonna stay down there. Autumn and Robin already have some shows ready for me to work at them with with fall but a super bummer is that they wanted me to work at project out in Las Vegas but I can’t as it’s at the same time as my first classes start. boo. 

Well, that’s about all for now. I’ll update again next time that I’m not too busy! Gotta go change the laundry…