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Posted in Summer by moesker007 on June 10, 2008

Ore Dock Rail

Tomorrow is Wednesday, hump day, yuck. Luckily I don’t have to work at the Pizza Pub at night, just Bretting’s during the day. I’m definately not liking working there. It’s just one of those things that will always bug me but I’m not going to do anything about it. Monday I was there until about 8:30 and I could’ve stayed later just because it got busy right around the time I was getting ready to leave. I guess it just really irks me because I work all day, it would be so nice to just have all my weeknights off. Oh well I guess, I can’t complain about the money.

Monday, like I said, I worked all day until about 8:30. Amy and Bonnie came in and ate some hawaiian pizza with me then I was getting the place ready for me to leave and we started to get busy again. It was ridiculous. I just hate that when I know I could be having fun or doing something else productive in my life with that time. But I did managed to sneak out of there around 8:30 and immediately headed to Bonnie’s where we played some sweet Frisbee in the dark and made s’mores around the fire. It was Me, Alyssa, Chelsea (Mutty), Amy, Vanessa and Alycia. I left there around 11:30, dropped Alyssa off at her house, got $20 worth of gas (which by the way, does nothing) and headed home.

Today I got up and went to work from 9:00-10:30 then left to go to my dentist appointment. It was just for a cleaning so it was pretty painless and quick. After that me, grandma and grandpa went out to lunch. They didn’t care where we went so I picked The New China Restaurant. It was super tasty we got

  • Potstickers
  • Chicken Lo Mein
  • Chicken Fried Rice
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

They both liked it, and said it was something different form the “norm”. It’s good to get them outta that norm once in a while, so I’m glad they liked it!

I went back to work from 1:00-4:00 then stopped at my grandma’s for a bit where I helped grandpa change his ink cartridge on the printer and showed him how to check the ink levels. He’s pretty good on his computer, it’s quite amazing. When I left he was typing a letter to his brother that he will eventually print out then mail it to him with pictures that he’s scanned in or taken and also printed out. It’s quite amazing, I’m glad he likes the computer so much. Grandma is also doing pretty good with her technology, she got a new black razr cell phone a few weeks ago, and I am glad to report that she knows how to work it very well already. She even knows how to read text messages that I sometimes send. Boy, what tech-savvy grandparents I have!

After work Allie, Jack and I went down to the Ore Dock and managed to sneak in again. I think the large metal gate is like permanently open now so all you have to do is climb over the chain fence and you’re in! We got some good pictures this time, as I had more time and a tripod. It was fun, Allie got to learn a bit about her digital SLR from me too. The best pictures are up on Flickr. Here’s a direct link, or click on the side bar over there ——> for my entire photo stream 

In other news, Apple released the 3G iPhone. Thank you Apple, thank you. I’m so excited! It is avilable to purchase July 11th. I’m so pumped! There are a whole bunch of new things, but mostly it now has 3G (near broadband speed internet anywhere) and GPS (for directions). It’s also has a bit different form factor, but most importantly. The one I will be getting is only $299. That’s $300 less than what I paid for my current iPhone one year ago. Perfect. I can’t wait!

The only problem with that July 11th release date is that I will be camping, so I won’t be able to be at the Apple Store! Yup, we finally picked a date for camping and details are beginning to come out. So far, Me, Bonnie, Amy, Alycia, Chelsea, Mariah, and Vanessa are for sure going, Alyssa and Jack are pretty sure going and Beth and Ashleigh I haven’t heard from. It’s going to be super fun! We decided upon Herbster again, gotta keep the tradition going!

Don’t forget to check out the Fickr. There are two new things on there, photos from the ore dock and some new pictures in the “Summer 2008” set